No Work Necessary!

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This is the catchphrase of many online adverts these days, usually referring to online money making opportunities. What makes this phrase so attractive is that most people have a deep desire to be successfully lazy. Yes, the truth is most people would like to receive money from doing nothing. Their dreams are to win the lottery, inherit millions from some uncle they never knew or collect millions from joining a money making opportunity.

The business I promote is Mirror Trading International and if you are a big investor, you have worked hard and now you would like your money to work for you. The MTI system makes sure that your money works really hard.

What if you aren’t a big investor and your desire is to be successful? Some of us are starting out and some of us have to start again.

The question is often are we prepared to do something so that we can become successful or are we actually hoping we will end up being successfully lazy? Hoping we will become successful will actually cause us to become lazy. The truth is that we will not have the money to be successfully lazy, and the laziness will continue and the money will remain out of reach forever.

It is the universal principle of sowing and reaping. If we don’t work we cannot get the fruit from our labour. If we have the opportunity to work, we should work diligently and if we work a little, we will earn a little. We should all try to work smart, but to reach any degree of success we will need to work.

I have heard it said that if you are not selling you are not growing. I have also heard many people say ‘I am not good at selling’ and ‘I don’t like recruiting my friends’. Do you think anyone really likes selling? No, I can tell you I don’t and most people I know don’t like it, but at some time in their lives, successful people decided that they needed to do some selling to get the results they desired.

Have you ever wondered why most of us dislike selling? It is the fear of rejection, we don’t like hearing the word ‘no’. In our business we will get objections and this cannot be avoided, it is part of the business. I hear a lot of people asking for things to be easier, but think of it, if it was easy, there would be very little opportunity for those who actually want to be truly successful. A true business that offers a great opportunity will have just as much opportunity in 15 to 20 years time as it does today. That is the Mirror Trading Opportunity, we have an opportunity right now, and that opportunity will be the same in 20 years when our children want an opportunity. All we need to do is decide when we would like to take up the challenge.

The bottom line is if we would like to get ahead and earn enough to become financially free and be wealthy, we are going to need to do some selling and recruiting. It’s easier than you think. You don’t have to be a salesman or woman, all you need to do is share your opportunity with people you meet. After all, everyone would like to earn at least a little bit of extra money, and I have yet to meet someone who says, “No, it’s okay, I have enough money”!

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Online Articles about Mirror Trading International

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Have you done a search on Google to find out about MTI? The results are normally articles that question the existence and business of MTI.

I am not a financial advisor, so I am unable to give any advice and the following article should not be considered financial advice. I share my opinion and it is up to you to make your own conclusion.

These are answers that I give people who ask the following common questions. I try to be as factual as possible, but in many cases my opinion based on logic has been added.

So let’s look at the questions:

Does MTI rely on pyramid style recruitment to get new members?

No, MTI  is not a pyramid scheme. Mirror Trading International has an optional affiliate program where you can earn a referral commission of 10%.

Pyramid style recruitment plans are designed to attract lots of members quickly to keep the pyramid scheme afloat. If schemes cannot double their membership every month they will typically fail quicker than expected.

Let me explain what a typical pyramid recruitment plan looks like: they will pay 10% direct, 5% 2nd level, 3% 3rd level, 1% 4th level and 1% 5th level. When you see this kind of plan, it is almost always a pyramid.

In terms of membership MTI has just more than 7000 members after 8 months. In the first month they had 500 members, and if they needed members to sustain the business they should have had at least 64000 by now to sustain any sort of scheme.

Does Johann Steynberg have trading experience.

Johann Steynberg the CEO of Mirror Trading International is exactly that, the Chief Executive Officer. To my knowledge he has been involved in investments and trading, but is not a master trader, therefore in his position as CEO he has selected the experienced traders. Johan has negotiated that these traders look after the EA Software, ensuring that the results are consistent.

This question actually makes me laugh, it is like expecting the CEO of an airline to also fly the planes on a daily basis.

Is Mirror Trading International registered with the Financial Services authority in South Africa or Internationally?

The objective of MTI is to grow your Bitcoin, therefore all trading and balances are shown in Bitcoin, your investment is never exchanged for normal currency (FIAT) and always remains in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is not regulated as it is not considered to be electronic money according to the law. Therefore it is not possible to become registered with the authorities as they do not accept Bitcoin as legal tender. MTI would need to take deposits in FIAT currency if they were registered and then the registration would prevent them from trading in Bitcoin. Over and above that, the financial authority would not allow the type of returns that MTI gets for its members.

Is Mirror Trading International operating illegally?

No, they are registered as Mirror Trading International (PTY) LTD in South Africa and the Registration Number is 2019/205570/07. They are a fully legal entity and Johann Steynberg is the responsible Director, therefore should anything happen to MTI, Johann Steynberg would be solely responsible.

The fact that MTI has members in over 100 countries also means that he could be summoned to any court internationally, should some type of fraud occur. The legal team of MTI ensure that MTI is 100% legally compliant.

What evidence is there of real trading taking place?

Mirror Trading International is prevented from showing live trades due to their licensing agreement with the EA Software providers. This is the fact that makes most investors nervous and it is good to do a risk assessment based on the historical results.

The current historical results, as at 24 January 2020, utilising the EA system are as follows:

Total Trading Days: 134

Total Profit made by Members (40% of the Daily Trading Results): 72.0016%

Daily average Profit made by members: 0.5373%

Total Binary Profit Sharing with Affiliates (20% of Daily Trading Results): 36.0008%

If MTI was a scheme, 7000 members would not be sufficient to support the profits paid to date. Therefore my conclusion is that the trading is real. Profits are derived from the trading activities, and members receive personal statements the following day detailing every trade placed. These could be compared to the previous day’s trades should you wish to take the time to do this.

The reality is that Mirror Trading International is going to be around for a long time and there is no need to rush in quickly hoping you are going to make something.

My experience is that you will grow your Bitcoin with Mirror Trading International and even if the Bitcoin price never rises significantly above the current level your Bitcoin will be growing. In time you will have a good number of Bitcoin more than when you started, thus you will have more value as you have more Bitcoin. Therefore should the price of Bitcoin increase significantly or not, you will still have more value in your investment.

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Is Success a forgotten art?

pexels-photoWhen I was a teenager I had the impression that leaders and people with authority had power, but as I get older I notice that leaders and people with authority have become weak and will accept anything as long as they are not called to be accountable.

These figures (yes, that is what authority and leadership has been reduced to) only seem to want to have the title, and at the same time please everyone. Most leaders are afraid to make a stand and many wonder why they are unsuccessful as a leader. They may have failing relationships and cannot make a real success of business.

The answer is simple and it brings my back to the first line of this article. The truth is that they have forgotten they have authority, and if they have not forgotten they are simple scared to exercise that authority.

In this ultimate effort to please everyone the leader has forgotten that leadership is about setting an example and giving people something they can follow. This is something we are all guilty of and an area we can all improve in. Let’s look at the three different aspects mentioned here and I will discuss each of these separately: relationships, leadership and ultimately, success.

Relationships – everything begins with our personal relationships that we have with our loved ones and family. Can we honestly say we are putting our best into our relationships? Are we setting an example by making decisions that cause our families to function better, so that there is a loving and safe environment for people to grow and thrive in? Or do we rather do everything to keep the peace and avoid tough decisions?This is the conflict we so often try to avoid, but it is these challenges that cause us to grow.

Leadership – are we serving others and thinking about their best interests, do we set an example in our community? Are we actually giving people an example of caring, without going so far that our happy go lucky, please everyone attitude makes people feel unsafe. We need to take a stand and have an opinion about something, otherwise the person who complains the most may be the only example people get to witness. When things are wrong, are you prepared to fix them? This is what leadership and serving others is about, or are you thinking someone else can do it?

Success – deep down we all have a desire to be successful in one way or another. Success is a combination of relationships and leadership. No one can say they are successful by themselves and we need to work with people in order to become successful. This involves sharing ideas and caring for people, which may sound like selling, and you will get some rejection. Remember the conflict in relationships is just as much part of relationships as it is part of leadership and success.

Learn to embrace conflict but don’t get involved in the actual conflict. All you need to do is be gracious and kind, knowing that whatever you are suggesting is an new idea to the person, and it is human nature to reject something that is unfamiliar.

Expect that the person will reject your idea or your proposal, but it is your task to show them the possibilities should you wish to be successful in relationships, leadership and business. If you can endure, if you can continue when others give up, you will experience the success that is reserved for those who continuously strive to become great partners, outstanding leaders and super successful business people.

These are all choices that only you can make and I wish you every success.


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Apology: I have undersold the Mirror Trading International opportunity!

Screenshot 2020-01-06 at 19.08.51Firstly to everyone, a very happy 2020 – may this year be the year where your dreams come true. May you have experiences worthy of any bucket list even though you may not have a bucket list!

Let me get directly into the article; this morning I received a message from one of the members and she said ‘I misunderstood the opportunity, I read somewhere where they emphasized investing more bitcoins as opposed to recruiting people, that’s why I haven’t done anything.’ If you are in the MTI business and this is your impression then I deeply apologise for this miscommunication.

I will explain the two parts of the Mirror Trading International Business very carefully:

Part One: Investing your Bitcoin with MTI – The trading takes place and you will receive daily profits from trading. The profits have been consistent and have averaged over 10% monthly since the implementation of the new trading system in August 2019. If you have a reasonably big investment you could live on the interest you earn monthly. Even smaller amounts invested could supplement your existing income.

The reality is not all of us have big investments that would enable us to live comfortably from the interest we earn monthly. Therefore Mirror Trading International has a solution for those with an entrepreneurial spirit who wish to be successful and ultimately become financially free.

Part Two: Affiliate Program – You still need to be a member with an investment and the suggested investment is around $100 in Bitcoin. This gives you the status of a fully Paid Member and you can refer your friends. This will earn you a 10% Referral Commission which you can either withdraw or use to build up your investment.

Once you have personally introduced two people into the business (one in the left team and one on the right) and you have built your investment up to $200 in Bitcoin and maintain this level, you will share in the weekly Binary profit sharing pool. These weekly profits seem small at the start as they could be around $1, but as you grow your affiliate network these weekly profits soon grow and you will find yourself earning $10, $100 and $1000 weekly and more.

This is the value of the Affiliate Program within MTI and I can assure you this can change your life forever. Let me share my experience with you.

My personal Story: I joined MTI in April 2019 about two weeks after it started. My financial situation at the time was as follows… I was unemployed, we were about to be given notice as we could not afford the small place we were renting and my car was about to be repossessed. We had already sold furniture and other items just so we could buy food. Honestly I did not have $10 to start, but I took the risk and managed to accumulate $80 (which was actually money I should have used for rent and food) so that I could start with MTI.

Starting with MTI at the beginning was not easy, many people did not trust the opportunity and the company had no track record. There was not even a website, the website was only launched in the middle of August 2019. The only way I could earn was by referring people and earning the 10% commission. I did everything I could and developed marketing material to help promote the business.

I contacted and personally spoke to more than 500 people about the opportunity, it was tough but I had no option. I made the choice to make MTI work for me or lose everything. In September the Binary profit sharing started and it supplied another stream of income and the MTI Binary Profit sharing bonus is what I call the 9th Wonder of the World.

At the end of November my wife and I moved to Italy and we are now semi-retired thanks to Mirror Trading International.

If I have ever given the impression that MTI is only for investors and if I have not told you about the real opportunity that MTI provides to become financially free just like it has given me, then I truly apologise for not putting more emphasis on the real business vehicle that MTI provides.

I wish you every success and I ask that you don’t delay, speak to the person who introduced you so that they can help you get all the necessary information and materials you need in order to build your Mirror Trading International business.

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Your Truth could be your excuse

pexels-photo-684387Success is a decision away, that makes success sound easy, but the reality is unless you make a decision to be successful you will always find another reason not to be successful.

That reason could even be your current truth. Your truth could be you are too busy surviving to think about being successful. You could even be having your first child or your terrible boss is making you work more than is reasonable.

One of the truths about success is that you cannot expect people to be reasonable and you cannot be reasonable with yourself. Think for a minute the reason why your boss is unreasonable is that his only focus is success. He can not afford to be reasonable with you as that will compromise his success.

The lesson that you can learn from your boss is that if you desire success, you will need to be unreasonable on yourself.

Too many times people are waiting for others to bring them success: it could be that you are expecting someone else to do something that will contribute to your success. You may be thinking like the boss.

However in most instances your success will depend on your efforts and if you can be a true Entrepeneur and duplicate your efforts and then get a small benefit from every effort you manage to duplicate.

In the affiliate marketing business I am involved in I hear many truths of people and why they are unable to build a successful affiliate network.

Here are 3 truths (which are actually excuses)

  1. Scared to share the opportunity. Whichever way you look at life, you are selling and the better you can get at selling the more you will grow and ultimately the more successful you will be.
  2. Waiting for spillover from your sponsor. Sometimes you will be lucky and you will receive an indirect benefit from someone else, it will happen in time and automatically, but never rely on this and never use it as an excuse.
  3. Hoping someone that you have introduced to the business will do more than you. The reality of any business is leadership and if you don’t set the example of doing more than you expect of them, how do you think they will do anything?

Success will be easier if you accept the truth that you need to make the decision to work until you have reached your goal.

Your Goal may be that you need an extra $300 per week to pay for private schooling or you may need $1000 per week to get out of debt. Whatever your goal is… Make sure it is big enough to drive you to success and then become unreasonable on yourself, be relentless is achieving your dreams.

I wish you every success.

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Why many networkers miss the Mirror Trading International Opportunity

1 New Design .001Mirror Trading International has one mission and that is to grow your Bitcoin. Therefore for the investor the opportunity that MTI offers is a true win-win situation.

For the person who would like to earn additional income, MTI offers an affiliate program which consists of a 10% direct referral and also a Binary profit sharing bonus that is paid weekly, every Saturday.

Let’s look at some of the smaller details of the affiliate program that are not so obvious and that are easily missed by the person looking at the earning possibility of the affiliate program.

  1. Once-off Binary vs the weekly profit sharing bonus – normally companies offer a once off 10% binary bonus that is paid on the amount invested in the smallest leg of the business, yet MTI may only pay 0,6% (the average profit share based on history) per week. 10% seems to be so much more and the 0,6% is disregarded as being too little. However if you actually do a small calculation you quickly realise that you would have actually earned 10% within 17 weeks and then continue to earn every week after that. Within a year you could have earned 85% of what was invested in the smaller leg of your business. This becomes a true residual income.
  2. Your investment determines your income – Mirror Trading International is first and foremost an investment company, and as an affiliate you will need to have an investment yourself to earn the weekly profit sharing bonuses. This is a simple philosophy that works in business… How can you promote something that you have not invested in yourself? MTI is looking for affiliates and not just sales people looking for a bit of commission. Many people have criticised MTI saying that the growth will be slow because of this approach and that is 100% correct. Mirror Trading International is a real company with real trading. They have no need for fast growth, and no need for any growth in real terms. The steady growth that the affiliates bring to the company is more than sufficient.

As an affiliate you will need to increase your personal investment to earn more levels of the weekly profit sharing bonuses. The MTI compensation plan favours the investor and not the recruiter. However, recruiters (affiliates) can certainly make good money even if it will take time to build an affiliate network where you can earn a good weekly profit sharing bonus. Slow growth is sustainable growth, and earning a weekly binary bonus, albeit small to begin with, can really start to make a difference in your life.

The system is superbly designed to give you a real vehicle that will make you financially free, it is the opportunity we have all been looking for.

Once you have done some thinking, you will realise that the delayed gratification provided by the Mirror Trading International system is a sustainable business model and one that can provide you with the residual income you have always desired.

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Why I love Mirror Trading International #ILoveMTI

Screenshot 2019-12-11 at 14.03.58

I am Clive and I joined MTI thanks to my cousin Bianca. When I tell my friends about Mirror Trading International they tell me it’s complicated. Let me tell you it is not so complicated and I have understood how it works after a week or so in the company.

MTI grows your Bitcoin – okay I know Bitcoin seems complicated but it is really quite simple, it is a digital currency just like when you do online banking. One Bitcoin today is worth R115000 ($7340), but you can even buy R10 worth of Bitcoin. Bitcoin will go up in value over time, some people even say Bitcoin will be worth over R500000 ($34000) by 2021.

Okay take my example, I started with R3000 ($200) which was about 0,0222 Bitcoin and today after 2 months I have 0.02777 Bitcoin and in 6 months I will have about 0,0429 Bitcoin. So in 6 months the number of Bitcoin I have would have doubled.

If I look at how much Bitcoin I will have in 12 months, I could easily have 0.1 Bitcoin and imagine if the price of Bitcoin is R500000 ($34000) then I would have R50000 ($3400). Where else could I get a return like what I am getting from MTI? Even if the price of Bitcoin stays where it is today then I will still have R11500 ($730). In my opinion that is much better than I could have done anywhere else.

Okay I know many people need much more money than that, well then you need to start investing in Mirror Trading International with a bigger amount. My uncle put in R300000 and he earns about R35000 per month from MTI.

But if you are like me you don’t have that much money, but you can also tell your friends and family, just like Bianca (my cousin) told me and I told my uncle. Now my team is growing and some of my uncle’s friends have also joined. I earned some commission and I was able to pay some of my debts.

In MTI they have a weekly Binary Bonus and with the help of Rich Simmonds I was able to learn about the binary and qualify for these extra bonuses. So far I have made nice extra money for Christmas and I have been able to save for the school fees and books for the kids in January. MTI is changing my life, it can change your life too, if you let it.

Thanks Bianca, Mr. Rich and my team for working with me to make a dream come true.


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What do you mean Residual Income?

Screenshot 2019-12-05 at 20.56.50This quote by Art Jonak is amazing and everyone just likes to agree, because it sounds like something you should know about and it seems cool to act like you are familiar with it.

But really what is this residual income all about and how can we achieve this mythical income?

Passive income is income you receive from your investments or assets. It could be variable due to changing market conditions but in most cases it is fairly constant and to a greater extent predictable. To increase your passive income you would more often than not need to increase the size of your investment, or the value of your asset would need to increase. An example of this could be shares you own, that would give you higher dividends as the value and profitability of the company increased.

The above has nothing to do with residual income and to repeat what Art Jonak said ‘If you understood residual income, you would walk through a brick wall to get it’.

RESIDUAL INCOME is income that you receive from promotion you have done in marketing a company, product or service that will continuously pay you because of the volume your initial efforts generate over time. It is usually overlooked because it seems so insignificant in the beginning when the generated volume is small.


Mirror Trading International offers you the opportunity to earn residual income through the Affiliate Program and the Binary Bonus sharing system. It is one of the best designed and fairest systems I have ever encountered. The sustainability comes from the daily trading profits generated, so if there are no profits there can be no bonuses, making it a system that works because of the profitability of the trading company.

The nuts and bolts of the system is the affiliate team you are able to build. Compensation is based on a left and right equalisation or balancing of the leg that is built by the team of existing affiliates in the system, and the other leg that is built by you and the new investors and affiliates you introduce. I can provide more information on the actual workings of this should you be interested.

Many of the systems run by other companies flush these bonuses once they are received, meaning that you need to constantly find new affiliates or make new sales to consistently earn bonuses.

This is not the case with the MTI system, as the trading is happening from Monday to Friday and every affiliate shares in these profits. The profit going to the affiliates is a small fraction of what the actual investors earn. The company focuses on the investor, making sure he gets a good return on his investment.

If the Investor is getting the Lion’s share, is it even worth joining the affiliate program? John D. Rockefeller said: I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts. With small amounts invested your affiliate commission could buy you a cup of coffee weekly, but the affiliate  bonuses are projected to grow to the point where they are capped at $15000 per day and $75000 per week.

As your team of investors within your affiliate team grows, so will your income and it will create a true residual income for you.

What can I do daily to ensure my affiliate team continues to grow and the amount invested increases?

  1. Monitor the progress of your growth, what are the numbers and the amount of investment in your left and right teams? Keep a spreadsheet so that you can measure this growth over time. It will also help to motivate you when you can see where you started from.
  2. Talk about the Mirror Trading International business and share your story as much as possible. People will be watching you to see how successful you are becoming, so always be truthful about what you are actually earning.
  3. Follow up with the people you have spoken to and remember to be interested in them, rather than trying to tell them about what you have achieved.
  4. Use email and other digital communication methods to reach out to new people.
  5. Educate people on the advantages and long term benefits of Bitcoin.
  6. Use social media and advertise where possible, remember people are not necessarily looking for what you have to offer, so you will need to raise the awareness and offer the opportunity.
  7. Allow people to ask questions and take the opportunity you are offering, don’t sell to them! They must want what you have.
  8. To be successful you will need to be focused, you need to fully believe in the opportunity that Mirror Trading International is offering and promote it with everything you have.
  9. Have a reason why you are building your teams within the affiliate program. Is it to provide better education for your children? Maybe you need to become financially free, but find your reason.
  10. Remember to be grateful for what you have and show gratitude daily.

I wish you every success and whatever you decide to do, do it to the best of your ability.

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I am thinking that I need to stop thinking!

pexels-photo-3201636I hear these words so often: ‘I am thinking’, ‘I planning to’ and even ‘I am going to’ and my thinking response is “why?” But before you beat yourself up, I will tell you I was just like you. Everytime I had an idea, I had a better excuse. So what changed?

I decided to do whatever I was thinking about. Instead of over-thinking and analysing, I decided to let my actions decide if something could work or not. No longer was I going to let my thinking rule, it was going to be about actions. Success and/or failure would be determined by my action and no longer my thinking. If I tried and failed this was far better and more important than if I have thought about how something could fail. Failure brings learning opportunities, and who knows – I might even succeed where I previously thought I would fail.

The reality is that in life there are no successful thinkers, there are only people who have tried and failed and then tried and failed again and again. If you are scared of failure, you are scared of life. Life does not always let you win the first time around, but it does reward those who keep trying. No matter how many times you fail, you will learn and you will succeed at some point.

I am involved with an Affiliate Marketing opportunity called Mirror Trading International and I have achieved reasonable success. Through the MTI opportunity I have been able to retire in Italy at the age of 51, and we are able to live comfortably, travel and do the things that we have always dreamed of before we are too old to actually do them.

My intention is to share some thoughts about action that leads to success, this is as applicable to the Mirror Trading Business as it is to any other area in life, the principles of success never change.

What have I done differently, why have I achieved success when others are still thinking about it? Eight years ago I decided to conquer my biggest problem, that was procrastination. I had to do what I thought about and do it quickly. My friend told me I would never write a book, so I got busy and within 8 months I had written and published two books. That was because someone told me that if you only publish one book you are a writer and if you published two you are an author. So just to be safe I wrote the second and it was published within 3 months of my first book being published.

On the subject of the books, when my first book was about to be published I needed someone to write the foreword and instead of getting anybody, I decided to ask the author I respected the most to write the foreword. It is amazing what can happen if you ask… I asked Steve Maraboli and he wrote the foreword to my first book titled ‘5 Night Plan’.

Who is Steve Maraboli and who I am I for that matter? Well these days you can Google Steve and myself for that matter (yeah I know that sounds rather arrogant, but it is probably a bit more humble than me telling you about myself!

How can I achieve success you may ask? What sort of success are you looking for is the obvious question, but be careful not to make an excuse when answering this question. Don’t sell yourself short … You could be very happy and see yourself as successful if you were playing golf everyday of your life and just getting by. But the reality is unless you can provide well for the people you love, you will never be seen as truly successful. So success is about being the best you can be and taking every opportunity you get.

Don’t make excuses and do everything you can do today, so that you make space for new opportunities tomorrow.

I see people become inspired by the success of others and make a decision to do something, then a few months later they have still not really done anything. Why? The answer is simple – they found something else to do. Let me tell you that if nothing is important, you will find the least important thing to do and it will waste all your time.

When it comes to sales and affiliate marketing I have heard all the excuses, and I have used all of them in the past too. Unfortunately success does not come easy and we all have to fail before we can succeed. I was a failure most of my life because I made excuses, I thought there had to be an easier way and I spent my life trying to find it. My ambition was to be successfully lazy like the rest of the world.

You have to decide to be different. I was once asked to provide one word to describe myself, I said ‘different’. That was the biggest lie I ever told and then to make matters worse I even believed my own lie. I was no different, I was as lazy as the next guy, yet I was arrogant enough to think I was different.

I had to eventually realise that unless I actually did some action I was no different from anyone else. I had to do the work, contact the prospect and I had to write the book.

It is about leadership, it starts with self leadership. What are you doing that will convince your lazy self that actions can lead to success? Then you need to be consistent, when you say you going to do something you must be willing to do it forever or at least until… (you need to set big goals and when you achieve them, that is when you decide if you have reached the until point or not).

My discipline was terrible, setting a goal like contacting 15 new people a month just could not work for me, as I found myself procrastinating too much. It was far easier to say ‘contact a new person every day’ and so easy to measure. I also found that contacting the person before 9 in the morning was more achievable than waiting for the evening.

This article is getting long, but I think you are getting the idea. It is what you do – the action you take consistently that leads to success. You may fail, but it is failure that will lead you to success.

Get out there and work to become successful, make the sacrifices now and as the wise often say ‘you need to dig the well before you need it’.

You may need to find someone to hold you accountable, find a friend who wants success as much as you do and ask them to become your success buddy.

See you at the top.

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The Bitcoin price is down! Do you see the opportunity?

Screenshot 2019-11-23 at 15.29.09Yes, the Bitcoin price just dropped by 16% in the last few days and some people are panicking. Would you be panicking if the price of fuel went down or if the price of your rent or your mortgage went down? No of course not, you would be more than happy as this would be a chance for you to save.

Black Friday is around the corner and everyone is looking for a bargain. Bitcoin has given you that bargain, as you will get more Bitcoin for your money.

Is Bitcoin not a currency? Bitcoin is a currency but because it is also the scarcest asset in the world, it will gain value, and for the last few years has been the top performing asset of them all. In fact even though Bitcoin is at a 6 month low, it is still 115% up on the lowest point of 2019, outperforming every other asset.

In real terms buying Bitcoin is currently giving you a 16% discount and therefore for the same amount of money you are getting 16% more Bitcoin.

No one can guarantee that you will make quick money if you buy Bitcoin now, but the chances are that 2020 will bring some significant gains in the price of Bitcoin.

Many people are skeptical about the growth of Bitcoin and are worried that the price will Bitcoin never rise again. So then let’s look at the scenario of Bitcoin never going up in value again – then effectively 1 Bitcoin would still be the price of 1 Bitcoin, but what if your Bitcoin could grow?

Mirror Trading International has a proposition for you and that is to grow your Bitcoin. Even if the price of Bitcoin never goes up significantly, the amount of Bitcoin you will have will be considerably more thus giving you a bigger asset base in Bitcoin.

Mirror Trading International trades your bitcoin using sophisticated proprietary trading software that trades forex using Bitcoin, making a profit in Bitcoin and thus growing your Bitcoin. Historically the growth is between 10-13% monthly, but historical results are not a guarantee of future results.

I have invested my Bitcoin with MTI and it is growing daily and compounding. The price of Bitcoin no longer worries me and I certainly take these buying opportunities to accumulate more Bitcoin at a cheaper price whenever I can.

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