When … is your time?

screenshot 2019-01-23 at 14.01.05We have all been conditioned to wait, it may have started when we waited to be fed as babies. This taught us to be patient and realise that life works on a routine. It’s never a bad idea to be patient – especially when dealing with others!

Could it be that we were raised in a more traditional environment where children had to be seen and not heard? It’s seldom bad to be a good listener and to learn from old and wise counsel.

We may have needed to wait to be fit enough to be chosen for the sports team and perhaps we needed more practice working on our skills, nevertheless, we needed to wait to be chosen. Sport can teach us many things, but more importantly, it often teaches us that only the best will be chosen and we need the disciplines of practice and time to make it to the top.

Going to schools, colleges and universities taught us to wait, we were often not the best in our class and we needed to accept this. More importantly, the education system taught us to wait for the certificate, degree or professional qualification before advancing. Yes, these are all wonderful disciplines, and I would certainly not like to cross a bridge built by an inexperienced engineer or have an unqualified physician attend to me.

So what’s the problem? These examples above and many more like them teach us to wait, and although these processes teach us valuable lessons, the real question is ‘what are we actually waiting for?’

We all hear people saying some of the following statements: ‘I will do that as soon as …’ and ‘When I have that, I will …’ or even worse ‘Someone will recognise me and give me a break …’

NO … Life is happening while you are waiting, you need to take action today, the action that will lead you down the road to success. Muhammad Ali the great boxer said ‘I am a Champion’ long before he ever won a title fight. He trained like a champion, thought like a champion, spoke like a champion and fought like a champion … and guess what, he was a champion – the world heavyweight champion of the world in 1964, 1974, and 1978. So even when he got knocked down, he kept coming back for fourteen years still believing his own words ‘I am a Champion’.

muhammad-aliYou have everything you need to be the champion in your area of influence. Don’t wait for someone to give you the big break. The reality is people will only recognise you when you believe you are the champion. You need to get your intention clear, set your goals and start doing what champions do … Champions think, work and fight with the intention that they are the best, they are not waiting to be the best.

Again … You have everything inside you to be a champion, you don’t need to wait, but if you think you can stand on others and use them along the way you will never be a champion, you will just be a gangster! The world needs real champions, who are prepared to use their strengths and talents to be an example, to make effective and meaningful change in the world.

YOU are the next champion, yes you the person in the mirror … Your time is now!

If not now, then when?

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Emotional Validation

I just had a really interesting meeting with a new associate. They mentioned the need to always make the correct impression regardless of what is really happening in our lives. Yes, whether things are great or our lives are falling apart, we need to project the right image. This may seem obvious to some, but others may view this as being fake. The reality is colleagues and strangers don’t need to know everything about us – after all the perception they have of us is the reality for them.

smilies-bank-sit-rest-160731Why do we try to portray our lives as being different to what they are? What would we like our lives to be?

We all have the need for recognition, in fact, recognition is the single thing we need the most in our lives. Recognition gives us the sense of belonging needed as communal beings. The more recognition we get the better we feel about ourselves and then we are able to thrive.

However, if we are desperate for recognition we can find it anywhere, and this often gets us the kind of recognition that we are not looking for. What other people think of you has nothing to do with you. Of course, if you let their opinions affect you, you could suffer emotional defeat. Recognition and validation from people whom you respect and admire are what you need. Emotional validation is also a human requirement.

Where to find the right Emotional Validation – Real authentic emotional validation can only come from people who truly love you. Those who love you will not hurt you, and they have the ability to build you emotionally. Don’t bother looking for it anywhere as you will only get it from friends and family who truly value you as an individual.

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/two-yellow-plushtoy-on-brown-bench-160731/
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Companies, Value & Personal Brands

screenshot 2019-01-21 at 16.39.57More than 15 years ago, business guru Tom Peters and other consultants first suggested the concept of the personal brand. The concept was laughed at and scorned by conventional business, and big brands believed that the power was with the brand and not with the individual … some people still think this is the case, and they will cite the Apple brand after the passing on of Steve Jobs.

There will always be exceptions to any rule, but for most the shift has been towards the individual, and many people will acknowledge to a lesser or greater degree the influence of the individuals within an organization – or more simply put, the brands(individuals) that work for the brand.

For companies to be a strong brand these days you need strong brands (individuals) working for or with you. The success of the main brand is often dependent on the decisions and choices that the individual brands within that company brand make. We have all seen the brand damage that takes place when an individual within an organisation does something to ruin their own reputation – ultimately the company suffers brand damage too.

What impact does this have on a relationship marketing or customer engagement strategy within a business? Simply put, it is everything – because only people can give you authenticity, commitment and integrity. Company brands try to communicate this, but these values can only be delivered and lived by the individual brands. This definition has often been associated with what is known as a social business.

Social engagement strategies with customers will always fail if you approach them from a brand building or marketing point of view. They can deliver the old style necessary information, but they simply will not have the personality and the authentic experience that people are searching for when they engage with your brand.

For a social business strategy to be effective and to have long term sustainability, you need to find the champions within an organization and involve them in the complete process. They are the people who are natural connectors and communicators and are capable of giving your brand its authentic personality.

When you freely enable people to build individual brands for themselves, you not only build a solid brand for your company due to the strength of the brands within the organization but you also save costs, become more authentic and you have a more productive engaged workforce.

Start encouraging and enabling others to build their brands and begin building your personal brand today …

“If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.” — General Eric Shinseki, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army

Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-and-white-crew-neck-shirt-1806241/
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Are you a National Leader?

The Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) industry is growing and the dynamics of the industry have changed from 20 years ago when cleaning and health products dominated the industry. Today the industry is diverse and represents a broader economy and a vast array of opportunities.

In recent years, opportunities have emerged in the travel services segment offering discounted flights and holidays. In the last year, a new company has emerged in the Hotel investment arena, which gives everyone an opportunity to own part of a hotel/group of hotels thanks to the power of Blockchain technology. It is only with the power of Blockchain technology that it is possible to have hundreds of thousands of small investors and keep track of the investment ledger at the same time. Using cryptocurrency as the payment method ensures that small investors can also receive their dividends without the exorbitant costs of forex exchange and cross border banking fees.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 21.20.24

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for pioneers, people with vision and determination to take this opportunity into new countries. Of course, this will happen whether you want to be a pioneer or not, but we feel that this article may inspire some to be the pioneers and leaders of huge markets in the next year or two.
How will we assist those who would like to be pioneers? 
We will give you the necessary training and provide you with the support material to get you started, followed by training and support for your growing team and your upcoming leaders.
We are committed to doing launch events and seminars when your membership numbers justify this. We realise every market is different and we will discuss this target with you from the start.
What do we expect from you?
You will need to join the company with a membership package, you can decide which one you would like according to your resources. We know that when people have a membership package they can research the opportunity from inside and get the true facts. It is those facts that you will be sharing when you meet people and expand your business.
Yes, we expect you to run this like your business and you will see the benefits of aligning yourself with this opportunity, just like we have.
If you are an entrepreneur you will immediately see the benefit of having a business opportunity like this, where you have no overheads, no staff and you can go to where the people are, instead of waiting for the people to come to you.
Who will you be working with?
As an English speaking person, you will be working with me, Rich Simmonds and my support team. I am currently based in South Africa but I am a traveller and love meeting new people, and most of all I like to help people develop into business people who are financially free.
I know there are many opportunities available, but this one could be the one for you. This is the business I have chosen to build my future in. This is the opportunity to be part of history, but you will need to decide if this opportunity is for YOU.
If you are a leader, I would like to hear from you. Please email me at  richsimmondsza@gmail.com
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Learn to Travel – Travel to Learn


Travel has a different meaning for everyone but have you ever considered what it means to you? It has been said that we are either running from something or we are finding something. Our origins are as hunter-gatherers, and it is this desire to leave the old and find the new that causes us to grow and mature.

The reason why I travel is firstly to connect with myself, to find myself through a deeper understanding of what drives me, and what causes me to stop and think. Travel makes me ask “why” of myself and the things I discover, but most of all travel connects me to the world in which we live. Life is meaningful because of those we connect with and ultimately because of the people with whom we build relationships. Every relationship has a reason, and as you may have experienced these relationships last a moment, a season or a lifetime. It is when we look back at these experiences gained through relationships that we realise the immense wealth we have accumulated.

But what if we don’t travel? Interestingly, surveys are often done and people are asked to complete the following sentence “I regret not …” More than 50% of the respondents said they regretted not travelling more.

What stops us from travelling more? This is the question has consumed my thinking and I will share my thinking with you.

The need to have more than we actually need … perhaps we have been conditioned into thinking we need fancy everything. A fancy house, car, clothes, a fancy job so we can get more fancy stuff and perhaps occasionally go on a fancy holiday.

The need to impress ourselves or the people around us will not add to our lives. In fact, it will probably steal from you and you will spend valuable time maintaining, insuring and possibly even paying off these fancy things. This is the time that could have been spent doing the things that will actually enrich your life.

What enriches our lives? People and our experiences add value to our lives. Generally, if our experiences are with other people, this will make the time even more valuable to us. Meaningful relationships and friendships complete us as we are social creatures, we are designed to live in community with others. Isolation causes us to stagnate, without other people life becomes meaningless.

Travelling to new places makes us more aware and ignites a renewed curiosity in us. We become more aware of those around us, and when we connect with these people we often discover more about ourselves than we discover about them.

But isn’t travel expensive? Travel is expensive if you allow it to be, but careful planning can help you save a great deal on your travels. Find cheap flights and book well in advance. Don’t overspend on accommodation – you will be spending only a few hours at your hotel or B&B so choose something affordable. If you stick to tourist places then they are always more expensive. You must always realise that locals live in the country and they know where to find anything at the right price, so look for where the locals hang out and shop and you will save a fortune.

For me travelling is all about the possibilities – Who am I possibly going to meet? What new place can I possibly discover? What can I try that I have never tried before? What will I learn about myself that I do not know? What will I accomplish that I did not think was possible?

You need to find your reality and it is out there somewhere. Learning from the experiences we share with others is the best way to learn and the best way to travel.

When we learn to travel, we have discovered the meaning of learning.

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10 Types of Italian Coffee Decoded and Pronounced

screenshot 2019-01-11 at 10.22.19
By Whitney Richelle (this article originally appeared on the StudentsVille Blog)

Sure, you’ve had an espresso and a cappuccino, but that’s just the tip of the Italian coffee iceberg, my friends. Coffee in Italy is a thing of its own. Even if you’re familiar with copycats in your home country, you’ll be surprised by how many names you don’t recognize on an Italian menu, and how those you do are not at all what you expected.

If you’re hesitant to order in Italian, here’s a formula on how to order coffee in Italian that’s easy enough for even the most language-challenged: “Un ____(name of coffee)____, per favore!” (oon ____ pehr fah-VOH-reh!) “A ____(name of coffee)____, please!”

screenshot 2019-01-11 at 10.22.06*A note on pronunciation: Double consonants in Italian are literally pronounced twice, in sort of stressed, staccato way that gives the language its rhythm. Don’t feel silly if they feel forced or exaggerated when you try to say them. Although it might seem like a bad imitation of an Italian accent to you, you’re going to sound great to the Italians.

Italian Coffee Types

So, let’s go down the list of the variety of “cafe” you’ll find Italy. and don’t worry we’ll add in some side notes on how to say coffee in Italian.

1. Espresso (eh-SPRES-soh) or Caffè Normale(cahf-FEH nohr-MAH-leh): A shot of espresso in a small porcelain cup. The classic coffee of Italy. It’s usually drunk after every meal, and can be modified to suit practically any taste:

  • Caffè Lungo (cahf-FEH LUHN-goh): A bigger shot of espresso made with more water for a weaker flavor.
  • Caffè Corto (cahf-FEH COHR-toh) or Caffè Ristretto( cahf-FEH rih-STRET-toh): A smaller shot of espresso made with less water for a super-concentrated, strong taste.
  • Caffè Doppio (cahf-FEH DOHP-peeoh): A double shot of espresso to really wake you up.
  • Caffè Decaffeinato (cahf-FEH deh-cahf-fehyee-NAH-toh): A decaffeinated shot of espresso.
  • Caffè Freddo (cahf-FEH FREHD-doh): Cold espresso, usually served in what resembles a shot glass. Sometimes it’s made when you order (often for a lukewarm result) and sometimes it’s premade and chilled in the refrigerator (so it actually is cold).
    • *Tip: If you’ve been searching for an American-style “iced coffee” in Italy, ask for a Caffè Freddo “con un pò di ghiacco,” (cohn oon poh dee GEEACH-cho), “with a little ice,” and “un pò di latte” (oon poh di LAHT-teh), “a little milk,” and that’s probably as close as you’ll get.
  • Caffè con Panna (cahf-FEH cohn PAHN-nah): A shot of espresso with whipped cream on top.
  • Caffè in Vetro (cahf-FEH in VEHT-roh): A shot of espresso served in a tiny glass cup instead of a tiny porcelain one. This apparently “changes the flavor” for coffee aficionados, but it’s really more of a way to look cool.

*Tip: Don’t try to order a coffee “to go.” Italian coffees are small and finish quickly. It’s extremely unlikely to find take-away cups in most coffee bars, for this reason.

Order this kind of Italian coffee if you…usually drink your coffee black or want to be like a real Italian.

screenshot 2019-01-11 at 10.22.192. Cappuccino (cahp-pooch-CHEE-noh): 1/3 espresso, 1/3 milk, 1/3 foam, layered in a bigger cup. A typical breakfast drink, be prepared for the “well, you must be a foreigner” look if you order one at any other time of the day.

*Tip: To tell a good cappuccino from a bad one, pour some sugar over the foam. If it sinks through, you’re at the wrong café. If it rests on top, you’re golden.

Order this kind of Italian coffee if you…’re someone who likes to dip pastries or cookies inside.

3. Caffè Macchiato (cahf-FEH mahk-kee-AHT-oh) or Macchiato Caldo (mahk-kee-AHT-oh CAL-doh):A shot of espresso “stained” with a quick pour of steamed milk

  • Macchiato Freddo (mahk-kee-AHT-oh FREHD-doh): The same drink, “stained” with cold milk, or sometimes served with a carafe of cold milk on the side.

Order this kind of Italian coffee if you…think a regular espresso is a bit too strong, or you normally can’t drink coffee without a little cream.

4. Latte Macchiato (LAHT-teh mahk-kee-AHT-oh): A big glass of frothed milk “stained” with a shot of espresso poured on top. Basically, the opposite of a Caffè Macchiato.

  • Caffè Latte (cahf-FEH LAHT-teh): Equal portions of steamed milk and coffee, typically served in a larger porcelain cup. Pretty much a Latte Macchiato, but with more coffee flavor (or a cappuccino without the foam).

*Tip 1: “Latte” means milk in Italian. Make sure you order one of the above options if you want the milk and coffee drink commonly called a “latte” in America. If you just want a cup of milk, by all means, ask for a “latte.”

*Tip 2: Don’t ask for “skinny,” “soy,” “lowfat,” “nonfat,” or “skim” versions of milky drinks in Italy. In 99% of Italian coffee bars, your only option is whole milk. Embrace its rich, creaminess and know that the extra calories are all but cancelled out thanks to small serving sizes.

Order these kinds of Italian coffee if you…normally put more cream in your coffee than the coffee itself.

5. Caffè Americano (caf-FEH am-ehr-ee-CAH-noh): Espresso made with a lot more water, served in a bigger ceramic cup. Its large portion and very weak flavor resemble a typical cup of American coffee. Definitely not a favorite of most Italians, it’s often described as “coffee-flavored water.” 🙂

Order this kind of Italian coffee if you…think espresso is way too strong and way too small.

6. Caffè Shakerato (cah-FEH Shah-kehr-AHT-oh): Espresso shaken with ice, milk and sugar until frothy, usually strained into a martini glass or other elegant drinkware.

Order this kind of Italian coffee if you…’re feeling fancy on a hot summer day.

7. Orzo (ORT-zoh): A shot of what looks like and almost tastes like espresso, but is actually an alternative brewed from roasted barley. It’s organic, naturally caffeine free, and has a delicate, earthy flavor that falls somewhere between coffee and tea.

*Tip 1: Orzo can be substituted for espresso in almost all Italian coffee drinks. Simply add “d’Orzo” (DORT-zoh) to the end of your order: Cappuccino d’Orzo, Macchiato d’Orzo, Latte Macchiato d’Orzo…

*Tip 2: Ask for your Orzo “con scorza di limone/d’arancia” (cohn SCORT-sah dee lee-MOH-neh/dah-RAHN-cha) for a zesty twist of lemon or orange rind inside.

Order this type of coffee if you…’re health conscious, not a coffee drinker, or have kids who want to drink “coffee” with the adults.

screenshot 2019-01-11 at 10.21.558. Caffè al Ginseng (cahf-FEH ahl gin-SEHNG): A machine-made blend of instant coffee, creamer (usually non-dairy), sugar and ginseng extract. The latter supposedly makes you alert and energetic. Its flavor is reminiscent of a nutty, Chai Tea Latte (seeing as Chai nearly impossible to find in Italy, this is a wonderful alternative and exciting discovery).

Order this kind of coffee if you…appreciate exotic flavors or are in need of an extra boost.

9. Caffè Corretto (cahf-FEH cohr-REHT-toh): A shot of espresso “corrected” with a shot of alcohol. A bit of cognac, Sambuca, or Grappa (a type of strong Italian brandy), are the most common additions, but you can also ask for the liquor of your choice.

Order this kind of coffee if you…would rather be drinking a cocktail.

10. Marocchino (Mahr-ohk-KEE-noh): Subject to many variations, it’s generally espresso topped with frothed milk and a sprinkling of cocoa powder, served in a larger glass. It’s widely blogged about as the favorite of vacationers and expats in Italy.

  • Mocaccino (Moh-cahch-CHEE-noh): Arguably just another name for the Marocchino, it sometimes shows up on menus as its own, sweeter drink: a combination of espresso, chocolate syrup and frothed milk. Kind of like a chocolate version of the cappuccino. Typically topped with cocoa powder and sometimes with whipped cream.

Order these kinds of coffee if you…’re not sure if you want coffee or dessert, or are addicted to chocolate.

What’s your favorite Italian coffee and why? Mine is a caffè in vetro.

The original article can be found at https://blog.studentsville.it/top-10-tips/everyday-life/10-types-of-italian-coffee-decoded-and-pronounced/


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How to Design Value Propositions in B2B Marketing


This article has been adapted from a two-part post by @claudiomkd which you can find here:  Part1 and here: Part2  

Reducing the sales cycle with laser-focused value propositions

If one thing I learned about B2B markets during my career is that business-to-business models, although very monetarily rewarding, can pose two huge challenges for sales & marketing organizations:

  1. Sales cycles can be very long, taking months or even years to close a deal
  2. Typically, the customer lifetime value (LTV) is relatively short due to high competition and pricing wars

There is a conflict here between the sales cycle and LTV, which can only be mitigated by minimizing the sales cycle and establishing a long-term customer lifetime value.

Beyond all product features and benefits, you always have to design your value proposition in a way that minimizes the sales cycle and establishes a long-term customer LTV.

Designing value propositions is one…

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The Secret Sauce: Working Effectively With B2B Influencers

Good insights and tips on how to navigate the influencer space. Great article Martin


As traditional advertising loses is glamor and agencies convince their clients that influencers are the way forward, companies face countless pitfalls in their attempt to target audiences in meaningful ways.

Influencers are a fickle bunch. You can never really know how valuable they are until you pay them; their reputation relies on word-of-mouth recommendations rather than hard evidence, and there are too many charlatans out there trying to raise their klout with fake followers and inflated likes and shares.

How Should B2B Businesses Engage With Influencers?

First of all, lets cut the crap. Most influencers aren’t influencers. It’s called endorsement if you get paid for it. At least the tax code says so. A famous “influencer” talking up a perfume or underwear brand in exchange for cash is nothing else but celebrity endorsement. End of story.

True influencer marketing is much more subtle. It happens often without payments changing hands. I…

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24 Things To Always Remember

pexels-photo-1645668by: Author Unknown

Your presence is a present to the world.
You are unique and one of a kind.
Your life can be what you want it to be.
Take the days just one at a time.

Count your blessings, not your troubles.
You will make it through whatever comes along.
Within you are so many answers.
Understand, have courage, be strong.

Do not put limits on yourself.
So many dreams are waiting to be realized.
Decisions are too important to leave to chance.
Reach for your peak, your goal and you prize.

Nothing wastes more energy than worrying.
The longer one carries a problem the heavier it gets.
Do not take things too seriously.
Live a life of serenity, not a life of regrets.

Remember that a little love goes a long way.
Remember that a lot … goes forever.
Remember that friendship is a wise investment.
Life’s treasure are people together.

Realize that it is never too late.
Do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.
Have heart and hope and happiness.
Take the time to wish upon a start.


Image : https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-person-holding-crystal-ball-1645668/
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to-everybody-who-has-criticised-meYou don’t achieve much without criticism – and other people’s words will stop you, if you allow them to.

We should remember this before we criticize others, and when we think of criticizing someone it should always be done out of love. If you are going to make a comment, look for something positive to say as this is the way you change others – remember love changes everything, and if you have nothing good to say it is better not to say anything.

Dennis Wholey said the following “Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is like expecting the bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian.”

But don’t avoid doing anything because you are afraid of criticism, or else you will die doing nothing. Criticism means you are doing something and others are noticing what you are doing.

Criticism will often cause you to grow faster than anything else. Remember the people who criticise you are jealous that they are not doing what you are doing, and in reality are criticizing themselves for not coming up with the idea first.

Be bold and enjoy life!


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