24 Things To Always Remember

pexels-photo-1645668by: Author Unknown

Your presence is a present to the world.
You are unique and one of a kind.
Your life can be what you want it to be.
Take the days just one at a time.

Count your blessings, not your troubles.
You will make it through whatever comes along.
Within you are so many answers.
Understand, have courage, be strong.

Do not put limits on yourself.
So many dreams are waiting to be realized.
Decisions are too important to leave to chance.
Reach for your peak, your goal and you prize.

Nothing wastes more energy than worrying.
The longer one carries a problem the heavier it gets.
Do not take things too seriously.
Live a life of serenity, not a life of regrets.

Remember that a little love goes a long way.
Remember that a lot … goes forever.
Remember that friendship is a wise investment.
Life’s treasure are people together.

Realize that it is never too late.
Do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.
Have heart and hope and happiness.
Take the time to wish upon a start.


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to-everybody-who-has-criticised-meYou don’t achieve much without criticism – and other people’s words will stop you, if you allow them to.

We should remember this before we criticize others, and when we think of criticizing someone it should always be done out of love. If you are going to make a comment, look for something positive to say as this is the way you change others – remember love changes everything, and if you have nothing good to say it is better not to say anything.

Dennis Wholey said the following “Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is like expecting the bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian.”

But don’t avoid doing anything because you are afraid of criticism, or else you will die doing nothing. Criticism means you are doing something and others are noticing what you are doing.

Criticism will often cause you to grow faster than anything else. Remember the people who criticise you are jealous that they are not doing what you are doing, and in reality are criticizing themselves for not coming up with the idea first.

Be bold and enjoy life!


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Cryptocurrencies and Online Income

Screenshot 2018-11-29 at 16.01.05Thinking of doing some alternative investing? Many people still ask should they be buying Bitcoin and will it ever see the growth that it had in 2017? Bitcoin is the crypto-currency that determines the price of every other crypto-currency. No matter what crypto you own, the dollar price is first the governed by the dollar / bitcoin price ($ – BTC) and then the price of any other crypto is determined. Should the price of Bitcoin go up, there is a good likelihood that the price of your cryptocurrency will also go up, and should the price of Bitcoin drop then so will the price of your currency.

Alternative investments which offer you any more than the banks offer are always medium to high risk. They are similar to gambling and while some may enjoy this, these investments are risky. With this in mind I have put together some guidelines to help you to determine just how risky the system is that you are thinking of investing in.

What monthly ROI does the company offer? The higher the return, the higher the risk. It is virtually impossible to make fantastic profits every month. Therefore a company offering 10% should theoretically be more sustainable than a company offering 15 – 25%.

Does the company have a clear marketing and compensation plan? Is the plan simple to understand and are your questions answered clearly? You should be 100% satisfied that all your questions have been answered before giving a cent away.

If the company has a Multi Level Marketing option, only join if it has a straightforward binary compensation plan. Without a binary compensation plan, you can be sure that the compensation for leaders is far greater than for any of the members in the company. This is the main reason why many product marketing companies (the traditional network marketing companies) are accused of being a scam. They may be 100% registered and legitimate, but the entire compensation plan is mostly to benefit the top leaders. It is not a new concept – the rich always get richer, but you want to find a company that is not adding to the riches of the rich. You should be rewarded for the work you do.

Payments and Withdrawals – Is the information given very clear, for example how you can join and more importantly how you can withdraw your earnings? The only alternative currency that you should consider is Bitcoin (and perhaps the other top 5 cryptos if you know what they are) If the company has their own exclusive coin or currency, enter at your own peril.

These are the RED Flags you should be aware of, so if any company or system has these things happen, it is probably a good idea to avoid them, or consider investing half of what you planned to do, until you know exactly how the company functions.

  • FREE MONEY – Significant discounts of more than 5% should be avoided. When companies give away packages or offer you free packages, these are warning signs that the company is failing.
  • SYSTEM UPGRADES – Whenever a company says they are busy with a system upgrade it is a big red flag. We live in the age of technology, and all upgrades should be possible to be implemented in the background with very little downtime to the actual system. Most good systems will run 99% of the time and you may never notice even a major upgrade.
  • CHANGES TO THE COMPENSATION PLAN – The chances are that if the company had to change the compensation plan, they did not plan properly from the start and there is a good chance that they did not budget correctly either. Alternatively they could just be greedy, like many companies that offer sales incentives until they realise what the sales people are actually earning, then the goalposts get moved.
  • CHANGES TO THE WITHDRAWAL TIMEFRAMES – Some companies allow you to make withdrawals daily, others weekly and others monthly. Also take note of the time from withdrawal to payout (what is the norm?) Should this change in any way, understand that there are problems and that no matter what they say, the end is near.
  • NAME CHANGES – Changes in the company name or management changes should be communicated immediately with a transparent explanation.
  • OWNERSHIP – Can you clearly identify the owners of the company, are they who they say they are and do they maintain a presence on social media?

Remember : All these systems are risky and you should never invest more money than you can afford to lose. They make these things as attractive as possible to entice you to join and they appeal to your sense of greed, so be careful and try to earn your capital back and draw it out as soon as you can so that thereafter you can use the system’s money, and thereby minimise your risk.

If there is anything I may have overlooked that can help others navigate around this please comment in the space below.

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Disrupting Thought Leadership

pexels-photo-1243524Is there anything that is not disrupted today? We understand that technology is in a constant flux, and disruption around technology is the norm that causes innovation and new products to be developed. Hold on- but is this article not about Thought Leadership you may ask?

Most people still don’t have the idea of what thought leadership is, and now this concept that we have little understanding of is going to be disrupted!

We can think the idea of thought leadership has merits, but it’s actually a flawed concept from the start. If anyone thinks they can become a thought leader, then they or the people who are trying to make them thought leaders have been misled in two very distinct areas – the first being our understanding of our own thinking, and secondly our understanding of the concept of what leadership really is.

THOUGHTS and our own thinking : How important do we actually think our thoughts are? Do we have the ability to tell the stories of others and share their experiences in a meaningful way? Do we think we have better thoughts than others, or are we fooled into thinking we are experts in our field because we work for a top company? Collaborating our thoughts and ideas with others should work, but often we feel that people will think less of us if we don’t have a definite opinion. Ultimately we control ourselves with thinking that limits the possibility of any new disruptive thoughts, and we have difficulty challenging our own thinking. This insecurity in our thinking causes us to question ourselves when we begin to challenge the conventional thinking, and the thinking of others. Disruption involves challenging the status quo, but it has to start with our own thinking.

LEADERSHIP : Are we secure enough in ourselves to be a leader? Are we able to be vulnerable or are we pretending to be vulnerable as long as we think we are in control? Leadership is actually about serving others and if we cannot be vulnerable, we will not be able to listen and empathise long enough to understand how we can serve others.

The bottom line of Thought Leadership is… If we think we can be thought leaders by saying what is important to us or the companies we work for, then we have stinking thinking and we have no right to give ourselves any title.

What is the solution and how can Thought Leadership be Disrupted? Firstly any thinking or leadership needs to be authentic, so don’t force yourself or anyone else to be a thought leader. Encourage others to give their opinions, and we should be open to new ideas and new thinking. To accomplish this we need to ask the experts to keep quiet, and listen to understand how the others are thinking. Engage with these people and fully understand what they are trying to communicate before judging the idea as impractical or useless.

The role of a Thought Leader should be defined as the CLO (Chief Listening Officer), more a facilitator than leader, serving the needs of the organisation, and getting the best ideas from within the organisation by engaging and asking questions that would be catalysts for innovation. These new ideas can then be explored and further expanded on so that more ideas and opinions emerge which will ultimately lead to more innovation.

Ultimately the facilitator would be a senior person who knows how to deal with the intellectual property of the organisation yet at the same time produces articles that would help the company gain market exposure, rather that trying to build his own brand at the cost of the organisation. The reality is if this person is authentic they will build the organisations brand as much as they build their own, but that requires a big thinking person with lots of integrity.

The challenge is real, thought leadership will be disrupted and will you have the right person as a catalyst in your organisation?

Image : https://www.pexels.com/photo/people-taking-group-hug-1243524/


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Re-Invent Yourself

Disruptive Influencer.001.jpeg

The concept of re-inventing oneself seems bizarre and yet many of us are not happy with where we seem to be in life. Did we choose to be here or did we land here due to our circumstances? There is a saying that goes ‘today, you are exactly where you have chosen to be’. These choices are most likely the sum of all the conscious and unconscious decisions we have made. So the key to living, and then also in the possibility of re-inventing ourselves, must lie in the choices we make and more importantly, the intentional choices we are going to make.

Perhaps the biggest misconception of reinvention is that we have to do a complete change. For some of us that may be possible, but I believe that it’s often better to build upon what we already know. Simplified, you could say it would be focusing on our strengths (some may have not been discovered yet) and forgetting our weaknesses.

Where are we now? It is important to try to understand where we are now, and what we have accomplished so far. Once we know what works we can start building on those successes, we can make better choices and go intentionally in the direction of our dreams.

Take a close look at your life and reflect, makes notes, perhaps dream a little. Once you have done this, ask as many of your friends, enemies and colleagues as possible to give you a glimpse of how they perceive you. Be open minded when they respond, and allow them to tell you things without interrupting them. You will be amazed what people tell you when you give them a chance. Be prepared for the truth however, and don’t get offended by the things they say and sometimes don’t say. The objective is to get as much information as possible so that you can make the best decisions for your re-invention process.

What are you doing already? From this introspection and feedback from others, what have you discovered about your success? In which areas of your life do people see you as successful, and which of these successes can be used in your reinvention plan?

Some examples of success that can be built on in your reinvention plan are:

  • You may be great a writing reports and find you have a desire to write more, perhaps write the book that you never thought was possible.
  • You may be a great parent whose children have left the nest and you have a desire to volunteer and make a difference.
  • You could have a hobby like woodwork that would be beneficial in starting a handyman type of business.
  • You may be a computer engineer who discovers that you have a real gift with people and you may want to become a life coach.
  • You may be an accomplished businessman and you would like to help startups and entrepreneurs succeed.
  • You may want to relocate to a different country, learn a new language and continuously explore.
  • You may be happy with where you are and you make a decision to show gratitude daily for this fact.

You may also decide to change direction but whatever decision you make, you need to know you have made a conscious choice. You are accountable for these decisions, not to anyone but yourself, this is your life and only you can live it.

We live in a constantly changing world and perhaps we need to consider re-inventing or even checking ourselves more often. Life is short, so perhaps our re-invention plan should be no longer than 3 years.

There are 7 levers that are available when we search to re-invent ourselves, they are:

  1. Connect – Our network determines our net worth, so continuously connect and make friends and acquaintances. You can never have too many friends. Try to connect with people who are more successful and less successful, they all have a story that they can share with you, It is these stories that make us more colorful and help us to connect with others.
  2. Be Generous – Give more than you receive and you will always be happy. Don’t always think of material things but rather the difference you can make in the lives of others. Remember for many people who have everything, a smile may be all they need. Smiling goes a long way – give people your smile!
  3. Be Artistic – Expressing yourself artistically opens the creative side of your brain, so whether you like painting, taking photos, modeling with clay or anything that will cause you to start thinking about being creative, do it. Writing is another way of being creative, so find something that works for you. Remember that exercise also assists in our creativity so make sure you stay active.
  4. Laugh – When last did you really laugh? Stop being so serious and start laughing, find friends who make you laugh and remember to laugh at yourself. Laughing uses more facial muscles than any other activity, so by laughing you will also look younger.
  5. Take Risks – In the rapidly changing world it is only those who are different that get noticed. Think about it, if you are the same as everyone else why should people notice you? You need to stick your neck out and do things first, this increases your chances of success. The only time that you can say that you have re-invented yourself is when you know you are doing things differently.
  6. Fail – Never be scared to fail, failure is part of the journey. If you never fail you will never know what works. Sometimes we make a promise to ourselves to do something or to be different and we don’t do it, then we judge ourselves as failing. The process of re-invention is all about failure, after all it was failure in one way or another that got you thinking about re-inventing yourself.
  7. Learn – the more we learn, the more we realise how little we know. But it is often not more knowledge that needs to be acquired but rather unlearning the things we really don’t need, like bad habits and beliefs that do not help us on the road to success. The unlearning process is a major factor in re-inventing ourselves. Ask yourself “what do I believe about myself that might not be true?”

Challenge yourself and stretch your own thinking. I have a saying ‘Don’t look for the ideas that will confirm your thinking, rather look for the trends that will disrupt your thoughts.’ Be the best self you can be, you deserve to reach your highest potential!

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4 Steps to better Social Media Marketing

pexels-photo-267350Social media has changed the way we communicate and has definitely made communication more informal. Communicating well and receiving the impact you are looking for depends on four key factors:

Leadership – this is the one business ‘idea’ are you promoting. If you want to be successful people need to be able to determine what you are about. People like to put other people in boxes, even if we don’t like being put in these boxes. People get a sense of comfort knowing what we stand for and where we belong, it makes them feel at ease. This is how trust is built, and when people trust you they can follow you.

Consistency – how often do you promote your ideas and how varied are your posts? Find something for everyone who likes what you do and share regularly. Decide if you will be posting weekly, once a day, or once every few hours, and then stick to your plan. Consistency builds relationships.

The bottom line is if you don’t post regularly enough, you will be wasting your time. On the other hand if you post the same picture / message or too much of the same, people will miss it and you will lose impact.

People often ask how much and what should I be posting? Let your posts excite you, find things that you are excited about and present those ideas in the best way possible. If you don’t get fired up about your own posts, what do you think your audience will do?

Experience – it is important to share your experience and incorporate the stories of others to bolster this, but keep things real and share your authentic experiences. People want to hear the truth from you, so tell them how you felt and what is important to you. Remember that your posts will resonate with people who are similar to you, the chances of attracting people that are very different from you are small.

When sharing your experiences try to relate to a normal person and what they would do. If you received an expensive gift or had an opportunity to experience something that would not normally be in your budget, try as much as possible to communicate on a level of the normal person who would be paying for something. Always try to keep things at the believable level. Sharing photos can be better than words,  as sometimes words can give the perception that you are bragging.

Results – have you tried something or experienced something? Share your feelings and results, and show evidence of your experience by posting something. Be honest and tell people how it made you feel. Should you need to complain, remember that it is your perspective, and most times when things are not said, people can easily read between the lines.

Social Media marketing does take time and effort, so find a rhythm that works for you. You are creating a relationship with people and you should always remember that.

People don’t respond immediately, but they do watch you. They are watching to see if you are a leader and if you can stick to your story. They need to perceive you as successful in some way, and if they see that they will continue watching. Remember you are not looking for people to follow you, you are providing the information that people have been looking for. It comes back to leadership and good leaders serve others … How are you serving your followers?

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Multiple Streams of Income

The wise investors will tell you that the best strategy is a diverse one, but what exactly does that mean? The simple answer is ‘do not put all your eggs in one basket’.

However we all know that the big shiny new thing is going to appeal to our sense of greed by offering a little more than the others offer, to entice you to join that investment platform. 

So what should your ultimate strategy be?


Let’s look at a practical example in real life …

Income Stream 1 : Income from your work, the job that pays you every day – Hopefully you can make enough extra to save. If you don’t have enough to save you are probably spending too much (usually too much on credit – buying things you don’t need, with money you don’t have, to impress people you don’t like). So look carefully at how you spend your hard earned money, and try to save at least 25%. It sounds like a lot but it can be done if you get rid of the idea that you need credit.

Income Stream 2 : Income from assets, do you have property that you own that provides you with a monthly income? Property you live in is not an asset, it is a liability regardless of whether you own it or not. If something is not making you money, it is a liability.

Income Stream 3 : Income from savings and other investments that give you a small but secure interest rate of around 5 – 10% annually. Remember that you need to save at least 10%. However, to achieve some kind of wealth, you need to save around 25% of your monthly income and this will normally result in the need to find more income streams to supplement your existing income.

Income Stream 4 : Additional jobs or income from part time opportunities. Finding an extra job that is worth your time is often the challenge, but in some cases the extra bit goes a long way to adding to your savings. What is that hobby you have? Can it be turned into an income stream? Visit local markets and see what other people are selling and that may give you some inspiration of what you can do. 

That is four different income streams and those are the more obvious ones, but how do you achieve 7 different income streams? Well for starters you will need to split some of your savings and income, and diversify even more. This process is called delayed gratification and most of us have lived in the ‘instant gratification’ environment for too long. The essence is simplification – how can we live with less now so that we can have more later, instead of the reality of credit which guarantees you have more now, so that you can have a lot less later. Think about what you are actually doing, instead of what the temporary feel good factor gives you.

Income Stream 5 : Pay off the credit, yes this will create an extra income stream within a few months. Once you have paid this off, do not take more credit, ever again. 

Income Stream 6 : Create an extra 5% from your current income by spending less. Simplifying your lifestyle is the greatest way to save. Start by deciding what is really important to you. Take an example of clothes, most of us have too many. Decide what you need and wear those clothes, and avoid sales as you usually buy things you don’t really need. Soon you will find yourself budgeting for the things you really want and finding them at a good price. You can apply this to any area of your lifestyle when you think about it.

Now that we have created some extra cash in your life, how are we going to create the 7th stream of income? And the challenge is to actually have 7 or more streams of the 7th stream of income.

Income Stream 7 : Your 7th stream of income is made up of investments ranging from the low risk to high risk investments. The first step is to get advice and do your due diligence. Be careful, remember those giving you advice are often biased towards whatever investment they are offering, so listen more to that than the actual advice.

Low-Risk would typically give you a return similar to savings and are normally secured by the financial regulators.

Medium-Risk are investments that give a reasonable return but have an element of risk like shares on the stock exchange and gold.

High-Risk – like starting a business which requires considerable capital, or online investments. Both offer high returns but have a huge element of risk due to lack of track record and market fluctuations. One day you are making good money, and the next day everything has changed due to a change in the markets. This is why it is important to spread your risk and not put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify over different industries so that you can potentially earn on one market whilst the other is down and vice versa.

When you earn from these investments, it is important to apply the same rules as in the first few streams of income – save and simplify so that you can become financially free. This is the only way to create wealth, and in time the delayed gratification will turn into real gratification for you and your loved ones.

Stay wise and remember without some form of risk there is no reward.

Image : https://www.pexels.com/photo/rolled-20-u-s-dollar-bill-164527/
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Negotiating, or are we Manipulating?

man-couple-people-womanI have a saying … Don’t look for the ideas that will confirm your thinking, rather look for the trends that will disrupt your thoughts. The danger is that we will usually revert back to our beliefs, those things that we have been taught and that we think are true or at least true for us. Although we would like things to be different, our belief prevents the possibility of another solution and causes us to react the same way as we have previously. Einstein defines doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result as insanity. 

The only solution is to think differently and if we truly are different we will get more done, but at the same time that will cause us to be in conflict with those around us. Now you can see how difficult it is to be different as most of us try to avoid conflict rather than run head first into it. I would like you to think and ask yourself is this what everyone else will be doing, will they be trying to avoid conflict at all costs? The answer is probably yes and you can predict and understand what all the others are doing and most likely what they are going to do. This is where your greatest opportunity is, can you see it?

The next step is for you to understand that you cannot be the proverbial bull in the china shop, you need to use wisdom and approach people carefully, remember you are thinking differently from them, they will not expect you to be different, but when they do realise you are different – you will immediately be in conflict with them.

When our ideas are different and when we share these ideas with others we are challenging the status quo and the last thing people want to do is change. We should realise that everything we do in life is about manipulation, therefore the potential for conflict is always high.

Here comes the conflict …

Your idea whatever it is will be challenged by others. Usually this happens, not because your idea is bad, but because it challenges the belief of others and they will resist change wherever possible. Then will defend their belief at all costs, some people feel vulnerable and threatened by a new idea. Sometimes it is because they don’t like change and in other instances it is because they think they should have come up with the idea – especially if they are the boss.

How to handle the conflict

  1. Decide to be kind – when you have a choice to be right or kind, always choose to be kind. You will never really know what being kind will do for you.
  2. Give up your need to be right – my way or the highway never works, you will accomplish so much more and you will be at peace with others when you give up your need to be right.
  3. Stop screaming and … Start Listening – in a emotional context the opposite of listening is screaming, when you have decided to give up your need to be right, you will stop screaming and start listening to the needs of others.
  4. Listen and use the power of suggestion – now that you have decided to listen, firstly you need to make a decision to listen beautifully to others you can begin to get your own way. Yes you are wondering if I just went off topic, but no the fact of the matter is that when you allow others to do most of the talking (around 90%) and you only listen (speaking less than 10%), When the other person is doing most of the talking, any idea you share with the other person will be seen as there idea and not yours. Subtle suggestion can also be used to manipulate others into seeing things your way, Then the big challenge is can you actually give up your need to be right?
  5. Always check if it is advice or truth they are seeking – one of the major contributors to conflict in our lives is our need to be truthful. We should remember that not everyone wants to hear the truth, I am not saying we should be dishonest but we need to listen very carefully when it comes to advice and truth. When someone asks you for advice, that is exactly what they are asking for ‘advice’. When someone asks for advice they are actually asking you to tell them what they already believe to be right for them. If however they ask for your honest opinion, first check if they want the truth or not? They don’t usually want the truth, they want your opinion to align with theirs. Listen carefully and approach any truth with the utmost caution, as we all have different truths.

Emotional Intelligence vs Conscious Awareness

Emotional Intelligence or EQ as it is known suggests a level which can be attained, however no one can say they are emotionally intelligent as then they have not given up the need to be right, which is one of the keys to being emotionally intelligent. Therefore the term conscious awareness is far more accurate as you need to be aware and ready for whatever life throws at you, that probably means that you are always ready to think first before reacting. Something that is vital in today’s fast paced world.

The Power of Vulnerability

We are social creatures and connection gives us purpose and meaning in life. When we think of vulnerability, we often think of being disconnected and, of the shame that comes from being disconnected from the environment where we feel most secure. We worry that we will not be worthy of love and connection and that is what makes us feel vulnerable.

However this is just a part of vulnerability, and the other side of vulnerability is what makes us beautiful and unique – it is the willingness to try something unique that has no guarantee.

Be aware that when others notice you in what they think is your vulnerable state they will often try attack you, as you have the courage to be different and the way you embrace your uniqueness will cause them to be insecure. They will try control you into becoming predictable for them so that you can be less like you and more like them. But as long as you notice that they are noticing your vulnerability you have the power, when you decide to become who they want you to be, you will experience the vulnerability that disconnection brings, not because you will be disconnected, but rather because you have disconnected from your true self.

Be thankful for your vulnerability and discover more of yourself, allow yourself to be seen for who you are and love those around you. Believe your are enough and let that be your truth.


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I can’t sell, I …


Many people believe they cannot sell, but it could be a misunderstanding of what selling really is. I often ask people who tell me they cannot sell if they are married or in a relationship. If they are then they can sell, and if they are not then they may have been, and the problem might not be selling but rather the understanding of how to keep a customer. Yes life is all about selling and I hope that this article will help you understand what real selling is all about.

“I can’t sell, I feel bad asking people for money” – this could be the reason you are underpaid, when last did you ask for an increase or do you feel you are not worthy of what you are earning? If you are committed to doing a good job then you should not feel guilty about the money you are being paid. When you offer people a service, if your service is going to be valuable to them, then they are glad to pay your asking price. When you discount your service you are conveying the following messages: Either you were charging them too much from the beginning or you fear that they will not see the value of your service. When you discount you are actually telling them that your service is not really worth it and they will think twice before using you. 

Think about what you offer. The only items that get discounted or go on sale are the items that were not popular in the first place. Quality products are never discounted and never go on sale.

Sometimes all you need to do is ask and you may need to learn to deal with a few objections along the way.

“I can’t sell, I don’t want to deal with objections” – objections are part of life and remember they are not saying no to you, they are asking you to clarify why your product or service could benefit them. This is part of life – we would like to know that someone would actually like to help us and show us why the service or product could be valuable to them. Objections, just like selling, are part of life and the sooner you can understand that objections are not rejections, the sooner you will become successful in life. Interestingly the average entrepreneur does not fail because he does not have a good idea, they actually fail because they have never learnt to deal with objections.

Don’t be embarrassed about what you do, tell people exactly what you do when people ask you. I have often found myself being vague about what I do and then I can be almost certain no one will even be interested. However, when I tell people exactly what I do, they become interested. What we need to realise is that people do not buy your product or service, they actually buy your belief in the product or service you are offering. If they cannot see the belief they won’t waste their time looking for it.

“I can’t sell, I have no idea where to find customers” – this is a valid concern because most people think that you need to be selling the whole day. The reality is that you are looking for people who are looking for you. So the more people you meet the more people thete are who have a chance of finding you. We often wonder how we are going to meet people, but think about meeting people rather than looking for customers. People have built in detectors that will spot a salesperson immediately, so don’t be predictable – be friendly and find out about the other person, rather than finding the opportunity to sell to them.

Reaching out to meet new people can be done in many ways – traditional and online methods are all effective, you just need to find the most effective way for you. Be consistent in whatever you do, don’t just try something once. The most effective ways will show results over time, so don’t give up.

“I can’t sell, I am not persuasive” – the idea that you need to be a typical salesperson is far from the truth. Learn to listen and show empathy for others. Make things simple for people to understand, and remember that 85% of people are not interested in jargon. Give people the facts they want and share stories when appropriate. 

Prepare well and understand your product or service, be convinced that you have the service they need. More often than not I meet people who are still trying to sell their own product or service to themselves, and they do not have the belief in their own product that will convince me to buy.

In short, selling is part of life, and if you are not selling, you are not growing.

Photo : https://www.pexels.com/@fancycrave
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Artificial Intelligence takes out the guesswork in Marketing

Recently I’ve been hiring talkingAds marketing strategizing service and planning and they are absolutely amazing.

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talkingAds.com is an online marketing agency that offers multiple online marketing services including fully managed affiliate programs of its advertisers. Among the many services, their AI media buying technology can also improve and optimize the performance of your campaigns.  Their award-winning services are being reflected in the productive partnerships between advertisers and publishers in their networks. They are doing great market research in order to achieve their strategic campaigns.

talkingAds’ dedicated team approaches each campaign with enthusiasm and brings a wealth of experience to the table. Individual projects bring their own set of unique challenges, and so they are each tackled with a unique approach giving every client a bespoke, tailored service to achieve the optimum results. 

What is special about talkingAds as an online marketing company for the advertisers?

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 15.22.11talkingAds understand their client’s marketing needs. They are using their own AI media buying machine that buys from the best sources on the internet. This is a special AI technology that their developers build over the years. This technology is integrated with many other systems and calculates its mathematical plan, while also considering also BI data in real time, in order to take decisions about the campaign management. 

talkingAds mainly work with exclusive clients with long term partnerships. Each client gets a full service of acquisition management, including: building concepts, marketing materials, planning the whole journey of the customer from when he sees the ad on the internet until he registers to the client’s website. They buy the media and manage the activities of the client’s affiliates and publishers. Furthermore, each client gets support from dedicated teams of BI, designers, project managers and account managers, as well as being matched with affiliates that best suit their profile.

talkingAds offers a host of performance marketing services including Marketing Management Services where they are capable of handling your entire creative ecosystem for everything from desktop, mobile, video, social and email marketing, thus maximizing your reach, engagement and profit. Media Buying capabilities include value added programs and media promotions to enhance the performance of your content. From researching media vendors and programming to post-buy analysis, they deliver plans that stretch your dollars to the maximum.

Why Join the talkingAds Affiliate Program as an affiliate? 

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 15.21.52There are many affiliate programs, but what makes talkingAds different from the other companies is that they also have teams experienced in affiliate management, and they have an advanced selection process. They invest more time getting to know and understand what their affiliates would like to get out of the program. Once affiliates are selected, talkingAds will give the support they need to order to succeed. 

In summary I can say that I made the correct choice. We will continue to use/hire the talkingAds marketing strategy and planning service, as they are absolutely amazing.

talkingAds is capable of making a difference to your performance marketing campaigns.

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