The ‘Unbullshitafied’ approach to helping people

Screenshot 2019-07-10 at 11.52.12I meet a lot of people who tell me they want to help people. Most of the ideas are based on some kind of corporate jargon, a soft approach to dealing with people. Very much like the idea of constructive criticism, get real there is only criticism and you either cry or decide to grow.

Life becomes simple when you drop the belief of how should your life be. My friend Steve Maraboli has a word which summarizes this it is ‘Unbullshitafied’. I love words like that where you know exactly what the word means without the need for a dictionary.

So how should we be helping people?

Firstly we need to think like entrepreneurs and not employees, people need solutions to their problems, ways to make money, save money and increase there productivity (simply put is that means to allow them more time to make more money).

So when you think of helping people, be practical – otherwise, you will start selling bullshit and the worst thing that can happen is when you start believing your own bullshit. Stop and think about the things you do – don’t waste time trying something that will not be a real solution for people.


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3 Reasons why MTI is Different

Looking for a brand new opportunity, sure we all are. But choosing the right business is important. There have been many failures in the past, yet we all hope that the next opportunity will be the one that will help us on the road to financial freedom.

Will Mirror Trading International be the business you have been looking for?

All businesses tell you that you can make money, but can they make a sustained income for you for many years to come?

Let’s look at three factors which make Mirror Trading International vastly different from many of the opportunities you may have been offered.

3 Reasons MTI is Different.0131. Control

No money is ever paid to Mirror Trading International, your trading account is with FXChoice, the ECN Brokers, where your account will copy the trades of the master traders of MTI.

You have full control over the funds you have invested, you decide when you deposit and when to withdraw and you don’t need anyone’s permission to do so. What is even more important is that withdrawals are almost instantaneous.

Let me give you a real example of how this works. One of our members urgently needed money to take his wife to the hospital, it was around 7am on a Tuesday morning.

Emmanuel had started his investment with $250 a week or two prior to his emergency, so he knew that some of his money would still be in trades, but was able to withdraw $180 and he received that Bitcoin into his wallet before 9am the same morning.

Speaking of Bitcoin that brings me to the second reason Mirror Trading International is so different from the standard company.

3 Reasons MTI is Different.0202. Bitcoin

With MTI Bitcoin is the currency used for the trading, other companies usually accept Bitcoin but then convert it back to a normal currency like Dollars. Your investment is then fixed at that dollar rate.

When you fund your trading account with Bitcoin, the value stays in Bitcoin or BTC (otherwise known as Bits which is the BTC value multiplied by 1,000,000)

The value of your investment is always in Bitcoin, so when the price of Bitcoin rises so will the value of your investment. The daily trading profits are percentages of Bitcoin when profits are made on your trading account the number of Bitcoin you have increases.

Think of the following scenario: you may have 0.03 BTC in your trading account currently which is worth $330 at the current Bitcoin price of $11000 per Bitcoin. Should the price go to the predicted $25000 in the next year, the value of your investment could be $750 and that is without taking into consideration the trading profits you will earn.

Talking about the profits, Mirror Trading International is a real business and profits are the third reason that makes MTI different.

3 Reasons MTI is Different.0273. Profits

Many people can tell you they are making a profit, but in fact, many companies have lied about the profits they make. 100% transparency is needed.

With Mirror Trading International you have your own trading account which copies the trades of the master traders appointed by MTI. When the master traders make a profit it is reflected on your statement proportionally to your investment, as it is reflected in every Mirror Trading International member’s FXChoice statement.

When the traders make a profit on the trading account, the profits are divided accordingly: 40% for you the member, 30% for the traders who did the work to earn the profit, 10% to MTI for administration and to pay referral bonuses, and then another 20% of that profit goes to the profit-sharing bonuses within the binary structure of the organisation, of which you and your team are part.

3 Reasons MTI is Different.025MTI is a real business and bonuses can only be paid if there are profits. Everything is transparent and you as a member will see these results daily in the statements you receive from FXChoice.

Let’s look at the 3 reasons again:

  1. Your money is with the brokers FXChoice and not with MTI, you are in full control, you can deposit and withdraw whenever you like.
  2. The investment currency is Bitcoin and the value of your investment will increase not only from the daily trades but also from the rising price of Bitcoin.
  3. Everything is 100% transparent, the profits are real, you receive a daily statement and you can monitor the results and performance of the company for yourself via your live account.

For more information please contact:

Rich Simmonds
WhatsApp +27824131604

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Why are you on LinkedIn?

linkedin-1007071_960_720Five years ago I said ‘LinkedIn is the place everyone parks their resumes and CVs’ and at the same time I also said ‘Your greatest ideas of 5 years ago are now your baggage‘. Today I am here to tell you how things have changed.

The question is do people still use LinkedIn as a place to park their resumes and CVs’? Yes, they do but there is another interesting thing that people are doing on Linked In, they actually think they are being social and are on Social Media. Now that may sound stupid and obvious, but if it does then we are clearly not thinking. What do I mean?

LinkedIn has over 260 Million active users monthly, and what are they doing you may ask? My opinion is that more than 50% of those 260 Million users think they are playing the social media game, and they are in one way or another, but are they being social? No most likely not, they are simply there to consume content from others on LinkedIn.

When last did you post something worthwhile on LinkedIn?

Did you write an article? Upload a video or a podcast? Share something interesting? If you have not done something you may have missed a few opportunities, but you have not missed them all. LinkedIn is positioned professionally so people are more serious and share better content. Here is your opportunity to get the attention of the people you were looking for.

So get busy and get going before everyone realises the opportunity LinkedIn will give you.

What is the opportunity?

Simply put, because many people are only consuming content on LinkedIn, you have the amazing opportunity to publish your content and get it out to many professionals who could be looking for your product or service. Be more creative and think about different ways of getting attention. If you don’t your competitors will soon catch on.

If you have questions or don’t really understand LinkedIn (perhaps you still wondering about Social Media) I invite you to email me and we can start talking. My email is


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International Business and Leadership Opportunities

Screenshot 2019-07-03 at 15.25.59Business and leadership go hand in hand. Are you an individual with entrepreneurial thinking? Would you like to be a pioneer in your town, region country or even internationally? Perhaps you speak Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian or one of the other 4500 spoken languages in the world and you would like to lead your language group in the world? In a more modern innovative and disruptive approach you may want to lead the online world, with a communication style that has never been done before.

A business opportunity by the name of Mirror Trading International (MTI) – the Investment and Networking Company, has started and is growing steadily. The company works as follows: Your investment is traded by Mirror Trading International daily in a managed account that you create with FXChoice. You fully control the deposits and withdrawals. None of your money is ever in the hands of the Mirror Trading International company. It remains in your account with the ECN broker – FXChoice. More information can be found on the MTI page.

How will you benefit as a leader?

MTI is an MLM company with a difference, the business structure is a binary system where you will earn bonuses from your weaker team leg, but the bonuses are based on profit sharing and are only paid from profits made from actual trading. This makes completely sustainable and real, as a business is about profits.

These binary profit-sharing bonuses are paid weekly, which provides you with a residual income according to the size of the team you have built within the business. The focus at MTI is to make money for the investors first, but with a growing community of happy investors that are earning a sustainable income, your team will grow naturally as people talk about the results and get their friends to join them. A growing business means a growing income for you and everyone in your team.

What will be expected of you as a leader?

You will be expected to co-ordinate your growing team and do everything possible to grow your business within the structure provided by Mirror Trading International.

How will I be compensated?

Within the MTI structure, you have your own business, obviously, you will earn from your own investment, then you will receive a 10% referral bonus of the amount invested by the people you refer directly to the MTI system. Then over and above that, you will receive profit sharing on a weekly bonus.

What support will I receive?

You will be directly supported by me personally, I will be providing you with marketing material, including articles, promotional and training videos and support for your online endeavours through amplification of your social media posts.

Should you be doing the communication in another language other than English I will provide you with the English texts which will need to be translated by yourself and your team so that we can assist with producing material and videos in your language.

The next step?

Can you accept a challenge like this, are you prepared to do what it takes to be successful and join me on the road to financial freedom?

If this sounds like the opportunity for you, please contact me at

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So you’re trending… now what?

Screenshot 2019-06-27 at 12.51.09In social media, people love to work until they get something to trend. In fact, it almost seems like a measure of success. However when things trend everyone gets excited and then does nothing further. Strange but true, and this trend of trending with no idea of what to do when it trends has been happening for years.

I am thinking, is this the same kind of thinking that exists when you dare your friend to ask the celebrity for the date, and the celebrity says yes? Or is it like the dog chasing the cat, who eventually catches the cat, then has no idea what to do next?

If you have absolutely no idea why you are doing something and have no secondary strategy, why are you wasting your time? Surely if you really wanted to date the celebrity, you would have thought about which restaurant you would be going to and what the conversation would be for the evening, or is that not part of the strategy? Is it just to tell your friends that you could have gone on a date with a celebrity?

Similar thinking happens with videos. People always want the video to go viral. They put every last drop of the creativity they have into a single video and then if the video goes viral, they are just another one hit wonder!

It’s time to think and plan far more strategically than we have ever done before. Will it work and will the effort in planning the correct strategy work? Yes, absolutely it will because all your competitors are too lazy or just don’t have the budget (that’s the excuse for when we are too lazy to do what we should actually be doing – then we just blame it on budget constraints and cutbacks).

Communicating effectively and strategically is part of what you should be doing, but don’t worry if you are not able to do it, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence will be able to execute the plan tirelessly.

Yes, that is the reality, whether you work for a big fat corporate or you are a solo entrepreneur, you are rewarded when you think and not when you work. There are many solutions and some you will need to test and understand, that may take some effort, but ultimately you need to be thinking and putting a great deal of thought into the strategy you are planning.

Perhaps you have always done things in a specific way, but have you ever thought of doing it differently? That is the challenge, you need to think differently, as technology can easily do what you do, better, faster and more effectively.

Creativity will be one of the skills, if not the most important skill, that is required in the workplace of the future.

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A Measure of Success

pexels-photo-999267What makes you successful and when can you say you have achieved something in life? It really depends on how you and those around you decide to measure success. This is where you need to be cautious, and this is why it is often said that you are only as successful as your friends are. You should be asking yourself who are your friends?

If you have millionaires and billionaires for friends and they are saying you are successful, well perhaps you are. In contrast to that, if you have a bunch of friends that are struggling to pay their bills and you are the only one who manages to pay your bills, then guess what – you are more successful than your friends, but very few people, if any, would acknowledge you as being successful.

We are often successful in one area of our lives and yet we fail in another. Some people spend too much time at work or practising a sport. Their friends and colleagues may see them as successful, but their families would like the person to have more balance in life and they would only see the person as successful if the person made time for them as well.

It is often said that life is about balance, but I think that particular saying is more of a dream than a reality. In order to achieve success, sacrifices need to be made. However, it is more important to understand what you are trying to achieve personally and what will ultimately make you happy. I just hope that your dream is not money, as money will not bring you success. Rather strive to simplify your life and find out what is important to you.

I meet people who tell me they love to travel, they have amazing cars but never travel more than 50 kilometres from home. Perhaps it was me who misunderstood the concept of travel, which to me is to fly to new destinations, explore the local cultures, meet people and eat the food they eat.

We will never agree on everything, that I know. Sometimes we need to formulate our own measure of success and set our own goals, instead of waiting for others to recognise us.

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Burning in Protest

19149230_10155340583935279_7353477352116028307_nBy Vanessa Brown

I have often wondered what people expect to gain by burning things in protest, so I did a small experiment today.
I didn’t want to go too big, so I burnt 12 slices of toast to protest against the price of bread.

My house smells like burnt toast.
There’s no more bread in the house.
The bread still costs the same.
I’m hungry.

Conclusion: That sh*t doesn’t work – you just screw yourself.
Suggestion: Try something positive.

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The Investment Club Advantage

Screenshot 2019-06-23 at 15.37.18Investment clubs are developed when a group of investors decide to combine their resources to get better rates, better returns and the best leverage possible from the combined total of everyone’s investment in the club. These type of investment clubs have been around for many years and are the way smart people with real money have always invested.

Clubs offer everyone the same return, as regardless of how much you put in, it still contributes to the overall strength of the club and its ability to leverage the best investment deals. One such club that I belong to is called the Royal Investor Club and we are affiliated members of R.C.O. who provides the administrative function and pay the monthly dividends to the club members.

The investment club has grown in strength over the years, and with the managed investment approach of R.C.O. and its own asset base is able to provide a return of 10% per month for members investing between US$750 and US$2250. Members who invest more than US$2500 receive a return of 11% per month. The maximum investment that the club will accept is US$250,000.

All memberships with the club are for six months and they work as follows: Start with your investment, end of month 1 receive 10% profit paid directly to you, end of month two, three, four and five receive 10% profit paid directly to you. In the sixth month, at the end of your investment period, you will receive your capital back. At that stage, you can decide if you would like to continue for a further 6 months.

If you wish to increase your investment at any time you would need to start an additional investment with a minimum of US$750 which would start a new 6 month period for that new membership.

For more information regarding the club please watch this video:

This is the real example of the rising tide lifting all the ships, is it not time you considered joining the investment opportunity that Royal Investors Club and R.C.O. offers you?

Please feel free to contact me on WhatsApp: +27824131604 eMail: or on Telegram:

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Lean into Success and Adversity @JohnDrumgooleJr

Inspirational post by my friend


“Sustainable success isn’t linear, lean into the curves…”

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The role of the Influencer has changed

Screenshot 2019-06-20 at 11.06.09Content used to be king, then along came engagement and people always asked the questions about return on investment. We know advertising does not work like it did in the ’70s but somehow people still believe the nonsense they learn when they study marketing. Eventually, people started realising that unless you track actual sales you are just wasting time.

Along came social media and again we used it as another advertising platform, just another way to spam people. When companies realised they could not effectively use the social media platforms they went back to the brand ambassador idea, and called the people responsible for delivering content ‘Influencers’.

Influencer marketing has been effective to a point and companies continue to find ways to use influencers to get their message to the masses.

I have a saying ‘most people think, but few people think about what they think about when they think’. I ask you to think about the actual reason why influencer marketing works. Is it not because you have a relationship with your followers/prospective followers?

Now if you are paid to nurture the relationship with your followers on behalf of brands and companies, you are doing more than just the job of brand ambassador. You could be potentially setting up sales for the company and yet you are being compensated as an influencer.

I believe, as influencers, we are thinking and connecting like marketers, when in fact we could be getting better results for our clients and ourselves if we started working as salespeople, and taking our followers from prospect to actually closing the sale.

I know this is going to sound like a foreign concept to many of you and I have probably disrupted you already. Let me give you a real example of a company that I am working with so that you can understand how this idea comes together.

Firstly I had to ask myself ‘What are my followers looking for?’ The simple answer is money, and then following on that it would be solutions to their problems. That after all is what entrepreneurship is about. So instead of just thinking of yourself as an influencer or marketer, start thinking like an entrepreneur.

I found a new company that had not worked out its marketing strategy and was still in the early phases of starting. This is the best time to align and collaborate with the company and use all the skills you have learnt. Instead of begging for a marketing budget from a company who does not really have the type of budget you want, start thinking and helping them become successful – in other words, be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Enter the Influencer who connects, nurtures and sells, instead of doing seventy percent of the work and giving someone else the close. Suddenly you have entrenched yourself into the company and you will continue earning and they will not need to pay you from the marketing budget, but rather just pay you a commission on the results you produce.

As I mentioned you have the skills, so why not use them effectively. One of the companies we work with is called Mirror Trading International, and let me outline what we do so that you can get an idea of the type of journey you need to create to get the sales done.

We create the marketing content and distribute that on the Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and website we own and run (this should give you an idea of the size of the company we are working with). Effectively we are agents fully representing the company and it is possible to create sub-agencies as long as you have that kind of agreement with the company.

The content we create takes the prospect through a complete journey, starting with awareness about the company, then we answer the questions and form the relationship. Next, we help the person get his investment going by linking him with the company and assisting with questions regarding registration. Once they have joined and invested we receive our commission.

This model is simple and it is scalable. We have another investment company called R.C.O with whom we have a similar agreement, and we will soon be launching a new business related App that will assist in the day to day reporting and complete accounting function of companies.

The real question is how are you best using the skills you have? Never sell yourself and your abilities short. Expand your role as an influencer, and step into the shoes of the salesperson!

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