Let’s look at ‘Marketing’ in Network Marketing

Screenshot 2019-09-20 at 14.42.24Social Media changed the way we communicate and if you think it is just a lot of superfluous overcommunication, then you are only partially correct. Whenever there is overcommunication, then it demands transparency and this, of course, is the intrinsic power of social media which many people overlook.

If you were ever invited to some sort of business presentation where they could not tell you what business it was or they used some jargon to attract you to the opportunity then you will know what I am talking about. The worst misuse of your friends is when they were invited to a barbecue, only to find out that they were actually there to attend a business presentation by some guy wearing a fake Rolex, and rather overdressed for the occasion.

Honesty and transparency go a long way, people who lived before social media could blatantly lie about where they spent their holidays and no one could verify where they were. These days people aren’t impressed unless you have photos of your holiday and the expectation is that you will at least post something on social media. When I first started with social media, many people resisted and what I found was that those who did not want to be on social media had something to hide. If you are offended by that statement, why are you online and reading this article?

Perhaps I have deviated from what I wanted to say, but sometimes it does help to get things into context. So without rambling let me tell what successful builders are doing in the new era of Network Marketing:

We hardly have meetings anymore – Everyone is busy and we have more important things to do than attend meetings where some leader tells us about his fancy holiday and how he built the business, and in the end does not tell us how he did it, in case we copy his system. You are more than welcome to copy anything I do, that’s why it’s called social media.

We use technology – During this week I told my team that I will be moving and you know what they did not care. The only comment was “Will you still be connected and will the technology still work?” As long as you can connect effectively you can build a business. 95% of the people in my business have never met me face to face.

We are open and honest – No matter how legitimate and how long the product MLM companies are, I always felt uncomfortable that I needed to bluff to get people to opportunity meetings. There is no place for that bullshit anymore, you have to be honest and say to people that you are speaking to them about Mirror Trading International or whatever business you represent.

We use the phone occasionally – No one truly enjoys cold calling! No one wants to hear from you unless they have heard of you. WhatsApp, Telegram and other messaging tools are effective, you need to get attention by giving people something valuable, like information that is useful to them. Unfortunately, if you are trying to sell you are only being useful to yourself, not necessarily the person. You have to think like a journalist, and not like a marketer.

We understand what people want – Do you understand what people want? They want to make money. If you want to be successful in network marketing you need to be able to teach people how to make money, and easily.

We avoid delayed gratification tactics – Don’t tell people about how much they can make in the years to come, that is an ugly trick. I can tell you that if you sell a million Ferraris that you can buy your own Ferrari, but realistically what are the chances? STOP doing that, get real and practical.

We use ourselves as an example – Gone are the days when we brag about someone we know who lives next door to someone who is successful in network marketing. No one wants to hear about that. No, we are honest, and if someone asks us how much we have made then we tell them we made $10 if we have made $10, that is authentic and people know when you are lying. We also have empathy, so we will not brag telling someone we made a million dollars when they are struggling to find $100. If at all possible you help that person find the money, remembering the day when you only had $10 to start in the business.

We do practical things that will bring us closer to the point where we can start dreaming – Everyone tells you you need a dream. Let me tell you until you make some money it is difficult to dream, because trying to pay the mortgage, school fees and feed your family don’t give much place for dreams. Leave all the excuses in the book and start working. When you have made some money you will be surprised how quickly you start to dream.

We post and create the list – In the past network marketers told you to make a list so that you can start phoning people, but it was a tough and hard way of doing things. Have a list of 100 names and keep adding to that list, but the problem comes when you set yourself a goal to add 2-3 names a day to that list. Nowadays the solution is simple, it’s called LinkedIn and it is not the professional network for nothing. Professional means getting paid for what you do, so that means there are millions of people on LinkedIn looking for how to make more money. You have the solution so start making those connections – on LinkedIn you can have 30,000 connections with a free account.

We overwork when it comes to communication – If you think what I have just told you sounds like work, you are in for a terrible shock. You need to be communicating on as many platforms as possible. Messaging on WhatsApp and Telegram, posting pictures on Instagram and Facebook, stories on Facebook and your Blog and then telling the world about all the things you have just posted on those platforms on Twitter. The most important thing to remember is don’t be boring. Get creative and get ideas from others but whatever you do you have to try and be different on your posts. It’s not easy but you will find it rewarding.

We all started out wanting to be successfully lazy, but with a bit of experience and a lot of work, we have become successfully smart.

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Bitcoin Manipulation 101

bitcoin-2373265_960_720What is happening with Bitcoin? Why has it been trading sideways for a couple of weeks now? Will it break out of the pattern in the near future?

The answers are no one knows exactly.

But this is my opinion of what is happening… Everything we do in life involves manipulation in one way or another, so let’s consider how the manipulation could be happening at the moment.

  1. The Institutional Investors (big investment companies and banks) want to buy Bitcoin and they have formed a ‘boys club’ together with a few countries and other big investors. They have basically decided that they will buy whatever is available and they will buy it without setting off any alarms bells, thus keeping the price steady for a few weeks now.
  2. The sellers at this point are the smaller investors and individuals who mainly buy when they think something is going to happen, and sell again so that they can make a quick buck. When these investors don’t get the returns they expected they wait for a while, but when the results are not forthcoming they become fatigued and sell off their Bitcoin, usually at a slight loss. This is exactly what the ‘boys club’ expects and they continue buying.
  3. The third tactic from the boys club is to start pumping the alternative cryptocurrencies and suddenly the smaller guys, who were waiting for Bitcoin to do something, sell their bitcoins and buy altcoins so that they can realise a profit. So everyone gets excited thinking they are making money, when in fact they are actually losing their bitcoins, in return for a small gain in an altcoin which was incredibly cheap before the ‘boys club’ started to pump to price.
  4. The media is full of stories on Bitcoin, they are telling you that nothing will happen, that the expected breakout will be to the negative, and all the other shit they love spewing – like Bitcoin funds drugs and terrorists. That’s like saying drugs were only used in the last 10 years and the first terrorists only emerged in the last decade. Media has always been for the uninformed masses and that thinking certainly confirms it.

Looking at the above you need to ask yourself and think about why Bitcoin has been trading sideways for so long? My opinion is if Bitcoin had no value as some people say (like the banks who say that and six months later open their own cryptocurrency trading desk) then once the small investors got fatigued they would have started selling and the price would have dropped. This would once again have provided cheaper Bitcoin for the ‘boys club’. But as we know the price has not dropped significantly, thanks to the stability created by them with their steady buying, which has also caused more of their friends to notice, hence the ‘boys club’ has grown bigger and the additional cash injection could sustain the sideways price of Bitcoin even longer.

With this said I do believe that when Bitcoin eventually breaks it will be upward and some of that price action could simply be from some of the ‘Boys’ becoming greedy and not wanting to play by the rules any longer. After all, there are only 21 Million Bitcoin and approximately 5 million are no longer in circulation and are lost forever.

Let me have your comments

We would all love to hold onto our Bitcoin and wait for it to reach 1 million dollars by the year 2040 (which I do believe it will and probably that price prediction of one million dollars will look silly, especially with the high possibility of the ‘boys’ continuing their one-upmanship!) but we live in the real world and need to make our money work for us and pay our normal expenses.

There is a solution, the Mirror Trading International platform uses Bitcoin as the currency, so your Bitcoin will work for you and grow by receiving daily trading bonuses,  while waiting for the ultimate value of Bitcoin to rise.

For more information on the investment and business opportunity, please visit MTI

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You will be effective if…

team-2954004_960_720Thinking is a marvellous thing, but do you know what is even more effective than thinking? Action! Yes, too many people are waiting for the right opportunity and that will never happen. The right opportunity is the thought you have right now, put into action – if you never start, the thing you are thinking about is the worst idea you will have, simply because you never put it into action.

You don’t need a strategy if you don’t know where you are going and what challenges you are going to face. If you have done nothing, the best strategy in the world is useless, strategies only work if they can be aligned to your abilities.

Start doing something and you will find what you are looking for. You will have incredible fun and some challenges along the way, but the best part will be that every lesson that comes your way will be something you could never have learnt by just thinking about it.

You will be effective if… You stop thinking and start doing.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/team-human-business-businessman-2954004/
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You will know they are not Leaders if…

Screenshot 2019-09-13 at 11.30.02True leaders do what good people do every day and have no need for the title, in fact, some of the most effective leaders have no idea that they are serving people in the way that they do.

Far too many people like the idea of being a leader, they seem to think others will be impressed by the title and respect them more. Perhaps it’s an idea that they will have an extra measure of power (whatever that may be).

Here are ways to recognise an ineffective leader:

Unable to stand for anything: Having an opinion and being outspoken about what you believe in provides much-needed security for people around you. They can follow and respect you if you are able to hold an opinion and not be changed by the opinions of others. This may not sound that important, but a true leader needs vision and should be able to completely focus on that vision. This brings the stability that people require.

Own needs more important than that of the group: Wanting the best for yourself should never come at the cost of others. This is often seen when targets need to be reached and there is only a reward for the leader and not the team. Being a good leader means helping everyone achieve according to the work they have delivered and not just gratification to the person shouting the loudest.

The idea of working hard: If you think you work hard, you need to find better and more efficient ways of working. Perhaps you need to slow down and assess what is really important. If you cannot find a way to work smarter how will your team ever be able to? Realise that you need to find ways of making yourself more productive before you expect others to be more productive. That is leadership and it takes work.

Lack of Empathy: Empathy is often considered as a soft and fluffy optional extra, when in fact it is the most important attribute needed. Empathy is understanding, not accepting excuses because unfortunately excuses do not get the job done, and they definitely don’t pay the bills. A leader’s empathy needs to be coupled with responsibility. When you hear excuses it is often better to remind the person that they are ultimately not working for you, but rather the family at home that are expecting them to bring enough money home to support them. It’s the principle of tough love and as a leader, you will need to be tough.

Unable to communicate: We are social creatures and we need feedback, if you wish to have any measure of success as a person or a leader, you will need to learn to overcommunicate. Start with your family, recognise them and spend more time communicating and thinking about more things you can say. This will make it easier to communicate and recognise people in your team.

Leadership is about serving people, and the reason we serve people is to make them more effective so that they too can lead. The responsibility of a leader is to develop more leaders, so before you make a decision you have to ask yourself “Is what I am about to do going to make this person a better leader?” That is the only long term consideration that needs to be pondered.

These are some of the common failings of people who think they are leaders. In case you are unfortunate enough to be in the presence of such a person, I wish you all the strength and patience in the world. Try to learn and remind yourself daily to be different and perhaps you will be able to lead them from arrogance to a point where they can change.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/good-bad-opposite-choice-choose-1123013/
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Money Making Opportunities – How to identify the different types

Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 23.09.54

An ancient proverb says that if there is no risk, there is no reward and when things seem too good to be true, they usually are. Please proceed with caution.

I have been in network marketing for over 25 years, I have experienced the good and the bad of every opportunity and hope that my advice can help you identify the type of opportunity, the blatant and the potential hazards. Regardless of what the people tell you about there opportunity, they will always fall into these four categories. I have done a type of SWAT analysis on each one so that you can identify each one.

Remember that money-making is a business, not an emotion – don’t allow the excitement of others to cloud your judgement.

In each category I will answer the following questions: Do I need capital? How do I make money? What if things go wrong? When do I know things are going wrong? Disadvantages and Advantages

Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 17.43.00

Sales always provide the easiest way to earn and if you are good at this craft, you will earn regardless of the industry you are in.

Do I need capital? When you selling you should not need to pay anything. However, in some companies, they may require that you buy products so that you can resell them. Make sure there is a demand for the product before spending your money, you don’t want to have stock no one wants.

How do I make money? The bottom line of sales is, if you don’t sell you won’t make money.

What if things go wrong? Find another opportunity whose products you can sell, never wait for any company. Move quickly you never want to be part of a failure.

When do I know things are going wrong? Companies that offer you an opportunity to earn without selling products or when people say ‘yes we are a product company, but you don’t need to sell products to earn’. Please understand that this type of company is a front for some kind of scheme. Just ask yourself how can they pay me if they are not making a profit from the sale of products.

Disadvantages: Sales can be a great game, but like any game, there are always dirty tricks. The company sets targets and if you don’t meet the targets the company does not have to pay you. They benefit from manipulating you to work harder knowing that the target is almost impossible. 

Advantages: If you are good at sales you will make good money and you could become a director of the company. Always make sure you join a company that has a realistic career plan.

NOTE: Don’t believe people when they say  ‘only companies that sell products are real’. What are they actually saying that my doctor, my accountant and my lawyer are scammers because they don’t sell products? We need to think about what we think about when we think.

Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 17.43.13

There is a hill billy saying that goes ‘you can stop breathing but you should never stop scheming’ and as my late father always said ‘there is a sucker born every day’. In the world of schemes, the schemers are looking for the suckers.

Schemes are not necessarily bad, however, I have a problem with them as ultimately someone always loses. The focus of all schemes is recruitment and that is how the most money is made. However, if you are making money now, that does not mean that the friend you join in four months time will have the same experience.

Schemes are often disguised as peer to peer platforms, where the rules are more defined and unfortunately the administrators do not stick to the rules and people don’t understand the rules. All schemes eventually look like a Ponzi in one way or another.

The one way I always identify a scheme is that they never provide information about the owners and the company (besides providing photos of bogus people). When you ask them questions they will always tell you about how much money they making and avoid your questions.

Do I need capital? You will be required to buy a package. Never overcommit and only use the money you are happy to lose.

How do I make money? Your package earns a monthly return, your capital is returned first and then your profits. This is how many people get caught, they seem to think they are earning 20% profit, when in fact 20% profit per month will only give them their money back in 5 months. The average scheme lasts 6 months and the better ones may last 10 months, so it’s doubtful whether you will make much or any profit.

What if things go wrong? You lose the money you have not received yet.

When do I know things are going wrong? Before you even get involved that anyone who offers indirect bonuses and other bonuses for recruiting are a full-blown scheme, no matter what they say. The other signs of collapse are normally specials or anything for free, these are normally offered to try boost membership when things start failing. Then there are the upgrades to the system and website, which will take forever and keep people hoping for things that won’t happen.

Disadvantages: Unless you are recruiting you will probably not make much money. You will, however, be sold on the dream of making millions.

Advantages: You will make money that is too good to be true, especially if you get in early.

NOTE: People love schemes, and promote them unashamedly so be very careful. 

Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 17.43.21

Business offers you the most control of your money, probably the most difficult part of any business is choosing the correct partners and associates to be in business with.

My brother who is a business consultant has one thought that he often shares with his clients ‘If partnerships were a good idea, God would have one’.

Do I need capital? Yes if you want to be a member and receive profits.

How do I make money? When profits are made you are paid a percentage of the profit.

What if things go wrong? You will know when things are going wrong, as you will not be getting profits.

When do I know things are going wrong? Whenever they are not open with communication.

Disadvantages: A business needs to make a profit to stay in business. This is the reality.

Advantages: You could be part of the next big thing. Work hard you may become a billionaire.

NOTE: Depending on the type of business you become involved in, as a smaller investor in a good business you should be able to get your money out by selling to other partners. In times when the business is not succeeding your capital may be committed.

An increasing number of good business investments offer you your capital back very quickly and this is usually because it is a great opportunity and you would typically not like to sell, however, you may need money for an emergency and this is then an added advantage.

Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 17.43.31Firstly shop around, don’t just take the first deal you find – it’s your money so make sure you get the best rates possible and watch out for the hidden fees and costs.

The main difference between a business and an investment is that investment allows you to sit back and allow the company to do all the work making the money for you. Trust is paramount and often it will take a bit of time to understand what can be expected in terms of results from these companies.

The crux is really will they be honest enough to share the extra with you or will they simply be greedy. It is rather alarming that they will quickly communicate a loss that they need you to ride, yet seldom share the cream with you.

The internet has helped people share experiences and the greedy companies obviously hate the fact that people are so well connected. You just need to find the companies with integrity.

Do I need capital? Yes, you will need capital to invest.

How do I make money? You will earn profits monthly and your capital is returned at the end of the contract.

What if things go wrong? Start the legal process. Also, certain countries stipulate that their citizens are looked after first and the rest of the world are not covered. You may think you are protected because a company is registered in a certain country, but that is not often the case.

When do I know things are going wrong? When it is too late and the legal process can take forever. It could easily take 10 years to wind up a failed pension fund and the, unfortunately, most of the people needing the money would have passed on by then.

Disadvantages: Your capital can be committed for a long time.

Advantages: Choose your investment wisely, earn a good return and you could become financially free.

NOTE: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Have a strategy to diversify, stick to it and don’t try to make quick money.

Below you will find a table for quick reference

Money Making Opportunities.001

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Support and Leadership – the disruptive Network Marketing strategy.

Screenshot 2019-09-09 at 18.28.47Network Marketing provides an amazing opportunity which could change your financial future, however, joining the right team is more important than ever.

Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing is not a new industry, the concept has been around since the ’60s. The way these opportunities are presented and the way people prospect has also not changed significantly since then.

In the past you would present to someone face to face or try to get to them to some meeting that would ultimately wow them, leaving them to think, “I have to be part of this”. Then there would be weekly training seminars and meetings giving you tips on how to do things better, even special training sessions where some successful person would secretly share his tips on how to be the next superstar in the industry.

Some of those approaches may still work, but I always felt there had to be a better way. I believed I found it a few years ago and I have been using my new system ever since.

My experience in the field of digital communication and marketing, together with the work I constantly do, has caused me to be recognised as one of the Top20 Digital Marketing Influencers in the world, and I have been in these top rankings for more than 5 years now.

If you are thinking of joining an opportunity in the MLM industry, I believe my credentials could be what you should be looking for. I am not saying this to boast about my achievements, but rather to give you the peace of mind that you are choosing a leader and a team that knows how and strives every day to do things better. I am available to personally mentor you should you be willing to learn.

Why should you join our team you may ask?

We have deep knowledge of social platforms and what people are looking for, with this experience we have developed a system that will consistently generate awareness and new leads.

We don’t stop there, we continuously develop the highest quality new marketing, presentation and communication material which keeps the interest and excitement to the highest levels possible.

After many years in the industry – I have the ability to identify potential problems in new businesses and this post will illustrate those facts to you Why do people love schemes?

The business that I have been building since its inception in April 2019 is Mirror Trading International

Why Mirror Trading International?

The business is solid and has a fantastic business plan which is 100% sustainable, as it is run on the principle which is simply if there are no profits, there can be no bonuses. The profits of the company are made through daily trading and the results have been consistent with an average return of over 10% monthly.

Mirror Trading International this week has exceeded 900 members, so the opportunity is very new and a good time to join if you would like to introduce this opportunity into your community or even into your country.

I am looking for Community, Regional and National Leaders

The only pre-requisite you need is a teachable entrepreneurial spirit, with a desire to achieve success. I will guide you the rest of the way.

If this description fits you, I look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me via WhatsApp on +27824131604

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What would I do, if I had $10000 today?

I would join the Mirror Trading International Founders Pool. What is that and why would you do that, you will ask?

If you have not heard about MTI then click on this link https://richsimmondsza.com/mti/

The founder’s pool is an exclusive membership offered to MTI Members by the founder and CEO Johann Steynberg, whereby you and other founder members will share in 5% of the total monthly profits. This is over and above the normal trading bonuses that you would get on your $10000 or more membership.

Currently (7 September 2019) there is a total of 50 Bitcoin in the pool. Assuming that MTI makes a monthly profit of 15% (currently the average is a little more), the total profit made by the company would be 7.5 BTC or around $77250 at the current Bitcoin price and you and the other founder members would share 5% of that amount.

That may not sound like much, but you have until the 15th of September 2019 to take up the Founder Membership offer and no more founder members will be added after that date.

Statistically, the company has close to 900 members with 50BTC in the trading pool. You can imagine what the total BTC will be when there are 10,000 and more members of the company.

This is definitely an opportunity worthy of consideration. The only criterion for this is that you leave a minimum of $10000 in your membership position otherwise your Founders Membership will be discontinued.

Please note this is just my opinion and this should not be interpreted as investment advice.

a New Design.001


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Secrets 101: Think and Grow Rich

Screenshot 2019-08-31 at 11.04.12Many years ago, in fact, more than 80 years ago, an author named Napolean Hill wrote a book called ‘Think and Grow Rich’, and in that book, he outlined 13 principles that needed to be mastered in order to become successful.

Thinking has the potential to make you rich, however, you need to make sure your thinking is correct.

Here are a few misconceptions in our thinking and we need to clarify the way we think before we even start thinking:


  1. Think anyone is going to give you money. If they are clever they know that giving you money will teach you nothing.
  2. Think that anyone is going to give you the knowledge. You will have to discover everything for yourself and learn every day to find the knowledge that will be applicable to you.
  3. Think that you won’t be rejected. You will be rejected and people will object to everything you are planning to do. Either they are jealous that you could be more successful than them (this is the primary reason) but they also lack ambition and don’t understand why you would even try.
  4. Waste your money on courses that promise to teach you how to be successful. Rather follow people online and see if they are setting an example of the success that you would like to follow. Many people are faking things and would like to sell you an idea of success. Truly successful people can be followed and you can learn a great deal from observing and thinking about why they are doing what they are doing.
  5. Read self-help books. If they actually worked why are there so many of them on sale, and the same goes for leadership books – realise that everything you need to learn is different from what everyone else is learning. Instead, read books that will help you start, and then practice the principles you have learnt in the real world.


  1. Remember that is will take you time to learn and be successful, in fact when you have 10,000 hours of experience you have only just started, so make sure you use your time wisely.
  2. Find people more successful than you, your friends who are unsuccessful will only drag you down, so find people that will inspire you to be better.
  3. Understand that you will have to do everything you need to do to become successful, the mentors that you follow can only guide you in the right direction, so find many people who can teach you many things. You can find people who share knowledge abundantly and it is free. Be wary of those who want to charge for all the old outdated advice they wish to sell you.
  4. Take risks, it is the only way to speed up your learning process. Forget about the idea that you should never make mistakes.
  5. Smile every day and be grateful for everything, gratitude is the key to unlocking success in your life.

Never give up and realise that your attitude will contribute more to your success than anything else. When things are difficult remember that you are learning. When things are good, remind yourself that you should always learn and never stop thinking about how you can be better.

You can think and grow rich, but you need to make sure your thinking is different from that of everyone else.

Image: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/key-keyhole-lock-security-unlock-2114046/
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Friends with Benefits

Screenshot 2019-08-31 at 12.12.25Why would you want a friend with no benefits? Perhaps that is something people should be considering, especially those in the online community.

Every day I get friend requests on Facebook and LinkedIn, why do people want to be my friend I ask, what is the mutual benefit?

Think about it, if some random person in the street said to you, “do you want to be my friend”, what would your reaction be?

Friends need to have something in common – do we like the same food, share an interest in cars or travel or anything like that? Perhaps we have shared similar experiences in the past and find common ground, but if we have nothing in common, what is the benefit of the friendship? Friendships cannot be one-sided either; if I am online, just like anyone else online, people could stalk us, read our posts and articles and even comment if they like. They don’t need to be our friends to do that.

Or am I perhaps missing something about the online friends’ thing? Is it that people want to gather friends like they gather money in the bank so that at some time they can use these friends? That is a real possibility…

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/rock-craft-people-friends-support-1771913/
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Bitcoin – Who are we?

bitcoin-225080_960_720I am a Bitcoin, we are fairly scarce. Currently, there are less than 11 Million of us, although almost 18 million of us have been mined with another 3 million still to be mined before the year 2140. There was supposed to be 21 Million Bitcoins in total but about 7 Million of my friends were lost in the early period between 2009 and 2011 when people could still mine us on their laptops and home computers.

Those friends of mine are lost forever, probably lying around on a few hard drives in some landfill somewhere. If you are lucky enough to own me and some of my friends, you are rather unique and I am sure you have noticed that our value fluctuates. Some people worry when the price fluctuates and they think we should always be more valuable every day. But don’t worry about price changes, we will always have value and my friends are noticing that some people are buying many of us.

They call this the accumulation phase in the history of Bitcoin, and we are becoming a little more scarce every 10 minutes as it becomes more difficult for the miners to find us. In May 2020, it will become twice as difficult for miners to find us and as we become more scarce our value will increase.

When you understand just how scarce Bitcoin is, then perhaps you too would like to accumulate some of us.

(This story about the Bitcoin is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to be investment advice in any way).

If you would like to grow the amount of Bitcoin you have, the Mirror Trading Opportunity offers a wonderful way of growing your Bitcoin when you are a member. During the past 23 days of trading, they have grown my Bitcoin by 36% and that is without taking compounding into effect. (Historical results are not an indication of future performance)

Should you wish to find out more about the Mirror Trading International opportunity please contact me on WhatsApp +27824131604 or email me at richsimmondsza@gmail.com

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