5 Night Plan – A guide to strong and grounded relationships.

front_coverMany books written for relationships try to give you a complete toolbox, the 5 Night Plan gives you one simple and effective tool to improve the communication within the relationship.
This book will provide readers with:
  • A stepping stone to transform or bring life to relationships, be they old or new.
  • A focused and creative plan to guide couples into strong relationships.
  • An opportunity to discover how committed partners really are.
  • Most importantly – To open the lines of communication between you and your partner.
The foreword of 5 Night Plan is by Dr. Steve Maraboli – One of the most quoted living writers, Steve is the author of several international bestsellers, including “Life, the Truth and Being Free”
I am honoured to write the foreword to this insightful and striking book, the 5 Night Plan, by Rich Simmonds.
For years, Rich has shared his brilliant mind with so many around the world, and in this book he channels that brilliance to offer a formula for building and nourishing a successful relationship.
In a world with thousands of relationship books on the market, it is refreshing to read an out-of-the-box perspective that deals directly with the matter of compatibility, integrity, honesty, and love.
The 5 Night Plan offers a challenge that will highlight both strengths and weaknesses in your relationship; offering you the opportunity to cultivate and repair where necessary. Whether a new and exciting relationship or one that seems to have lost its spark, this book offers the opportunity to bring the often unspoken issues to light and help you choose the future path.
Imagine cloaking yourself only with honesty, trepidation, and excitement as you and your partner get to know each other. The 5 Night Plan walks with you along this liberating, empowering, and vulnerable experience while confronting potential pitfalls and issues that could either nourish or poison your relationship.
The 5 Night Plan also challenges the conventional dating scene, the process in which we have been conditioned to get to know someone intimately. The book turns what we know on its head. An exciting and thrilling, yet terrifying ride.
The book transforms people from strangers to intimate partnership in rapid speed. It highlights the potential in the relationships clearly and because of the intensity of the time together; the subjects suggested for discussion, a fundamentally strong foundation can be concreted.
Once navigating the ideas found in this powerful book, you will realise feelings are neither right nor wrong, but merely each person’s perception. You will find that when you open yourself up emotionally, there truly is no escape but to experience trust, commitment, and bonding on a deep level. A further realisation will be that, as much as there could be greatness in front of you, there could also be an inescapable incompatibility, and you would have spared yourself years of emotional pain as you respectfully walk away.
Rich Simmonds’s 5 Night plan, truly does holds up an honest mirror in the face of relationships. Embrace the view.
Dr. Steve Maraboli
New York, USA

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