My Top 12 Social Media Quotes

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 5.03.30 PMSocial Media is not for the select few, everyone is expected to be proficient in communicating via the various Social Media platforms, but it is vital to remember to be authentic and play to your strengths.

  1. #SocialMedia is not just about the content (that is the media) but about conversations and relationships (that is the social).
  2. What other people say about you is their business … Authentically only you can damage your brand, You are the real risk to yourself!
  3. Exposing your brand is about interacting or networking with the brands you want to connect with. What are you giving before you can get?
  4. The speed at which you respond on #SocialMedia has a direct correlation to how much you care for your clients.
  5. Always think before you Tweet or Retweet – if you would not say it on TV or in a newspaper, simply don’t tweet it!
  6. Following back on #SocialMedia is explained as: If I extend my hand in greeting will you shake? If you don’t shake are you arrogant or rude?
  7. Many individuals and companies don’t understand and complicate #SocialMedia, because they fail to see the simplicity.
  8. ‘Word of Mouth’ works best when you are able to confront and deal with issues, so that those recommending you might never be embarrassed.
  9. Your creative expression can only be effective when it communicates to someone and someone appreciates it, but not everyone.
  10. Remember you don’t need to call the call centre and wait, just Tweet and the company will respond.
  11. #Influence … It’s not about what interests you, it’s about what others find interesting about you.
  12. Remember that if you can’t say it in 140 characters or less, you cannot say it on Twitter.

And more importantly it is all about “Keep calm and play nicely”

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