Self Talk __ Soul Talk

I have just had the most amazing week and I can only attribute it to one principle and that is “Self Talk”.

Yes it is an idea that has been around since time itself, but the key lies in what you say and how authentic the ideas actually are. So instead of tripping yourself with the wrong words, use the words that are based on the word of God.

Here is the self talk and this has been taken from a series of teachings on Grace by Louis Giglio.

Start your day by saying the following:

I am a loved son of God 

I am somebody so unique, a saint by Gods grace in Christ.

I am blessed, I have every spiritual blessing I need right now in Christ.

I have everything I need to be everything God wants me to be right now.

I am chosen by God

I am holy and blameless in his sight.

I am a trophy of Gods grace.

Henry Ford

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