7 Days in the Week Worth Writing Home About!

ABC - Advocates For Breast Cancer: South Africa

7 days of the Week

If you have a look through this blog through to its beginning, you will discover a set of awesome daily themes we followed to make sure every aspect of breast cancer was explored – with the core goal being to give you, our readers, what it is you came looking for: the facts around how people receiving breast cancer treatment in South Africa are experiencing their diagnosis, treatment and care.

We hope that by reading through the 7 themes below, you will discover something there in particular that resonates with you – and that you will tell us all about it! We would be very proud to publish your story here, so please get in touch with us to share your thoughts, ideas and stories surrounding your own BC journey, as well as your opinions and understanding of South Africa’s public health system in relation to breast cancer.

SUNDAY:             Inspirational…

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