Your greatest ideas of 5 years ago are now your baggage


Are we stuck with ideas that no longer serve us?
Have we become so much part of the woodwork that we have lost sight of the forest we are within?
Do we constantly strive to challenge the norms and bring new creativity into our worlds?
Or is it simply a case of it worked yesterday or even worse last year so it ought to work now! I will guess that it is probably not working as well as it could if it does seem to be working.
Why is this and what makes this happen you may ask?
Most of you will know that Einstein defines insanity as doing the same thing and expecting different results, so then when do we ever do things differently?
Probably never because we are scared of the initial result we will get when we do try things differently and we all know what that is – yes it is “Failure”, we all fear failure so we would rather not fail trying, but rather fail in the norm of acceptance.
The norm of acceptance is our enemy, acceptance brings us to believe that things have changed and there was nothing we could of done about it and we will all perpetually be less competitive and accept that we too will get old.
Yes we all get old, that is a fact, but rather lets focus on what makes us old … It is work, we work too hard trying to keep old ideas alive.
We should be working less, thinking more and collaborating with everyone we possibly can to get even the smallest nugget of their thinking that could possibly give us the edge in a fast paced world where everyone works hard.
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