Talent Management – YOU or HR?

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Can Human Resources or HR as it’s commonly known in the workplace, change according to the needs of business?

My perception of HR is that it is all about people and assisting with the development of each individual within a organisation. This is commonly regarded as talent management and the HR practitioner looks at how he can effectively train and advance people so that the organisation can effectively retain their human capital by enabling people to get a vision for the possibilities they have within an organisation.

But is this reality for all the employees of a company? No lets be honest, talent management was created to identify how to retain key people that the managers do not want to lose. So what happens to you if you are not seen as a key person? HR are not employed by you, so the reality is they are not interested in you, unless the organisation is interested in you.

When we grew up our parents said that we should get good marks so that we could get a good qualification, get a good job … Yes you know the rest of the story and all of this would be so that you could, have a successful career and retire comfortably. Let me tell you that the past sentence contained two myths that have been recently debunked. The first being who do you know that has been able to retire comfortably after many many years of working for the corporation? Secondly what is a career, because we generally don’t have time to wait for you to develop and their are no longer career paths. Time moves to fast and we will headhunt the right people with diverse strengths and skills as opposed to waiting for our little employee to develop.

Don’t expect talent management to be a reality in your life and don’t expect that the organisation that you joined to provide you with a career. But don’t despair the future is still extremely bright because you are now in total control of your own destiny.

Yes it is up to you to plan your own journey, don’t wait for the organisation to send you on training, you have the online world at your disposal and if you clever you will find most of the information you need for free.

Now go and do it, plan your own future and make yourself, a marketable and valuable brand.

There is no time like now, see you on the road to success.

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