School Uniforms and Suits

ID-100107904I know that school uniforms make life easier and are practical for most people.

However I would like you to consider the possibility; that the rules that go with wearing a school uniform, have negatively impacted on the reality of your own perception of who you are.

When we wear a school uniform we are told to behave in a certain way, wear our hair in a certain way and we are told that we are representing the school at all times whilst in it’s uniform. We are accountable to the rules and regulations of the school whilst we are in uniform. But when we are out of uniform we have a perception that we can do as we please and we are almost not accountable to society.

In a more traditional working environment we wore suits, which had the effect of reminding us that we no longer could do as we please, but that we had to act in a professional manner. We were for all intense purposes accountable to our employers.

However in the modern world which errs towards the casual, we need to be more aware that the uniforms and suits have disappeared and there is nothing to remind us to be professional. Could this be why people just seem to say what they want and make monumental mistakes with online communication?

Are school uniforms still relevant in this connected world where you the need to communicate quickly forces us to think on our feet? Do we have no time to think about the box we perceive ourselves to be in?

Perhaps we need to be preparing people to live one life, realising that they are always the same person regardless of; if they are at school, on the sports-field, at work, at home or in their place of worship. Lets help raise an enlightened society that are authentic and accountable.

I am looking forward to hearing your comments on this somewhat controversial topic.

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9 Responses to School Uniforms and Suits

  1. James Funk says:

    I respectfully disagree. As our society becomes more casual it appears that everyone is in charge: (1) deans who refuse to follow express directions from the Vice President of Instructional Services; (2) directors who fail to consult Human Resources on personnel issues because of confidentiality; (3) untrained clerks who handle academic advising; (4) students such as the one with a large nose ring through the columella who say it’s competency over appearance while complaining that they can’t find employment; and (5) leaders who are more interested in being part of the team than leading. I certainly avoid my doctor, lawyer, and the bank on casual Fridays because I have difficulty accepting what they have to say.


  2. Tony Mattair says:

    Really interesting questions raised…and difficult to fully express views in this forum. However, I do believe uniforms in schools help translate the idea/power of branding and accountability to youth. However, we have to also teach students (and professionals) in uniforms/suits that we can operate as individuals within these structures and can disagree/disconnect ourselves when required or desired. There is no need tie ourselves to the mast and there is absolutely room for individuality inside of structure.


    • RichSimmondsZA says:

      Tony thanks for your feedback and I agree that there is room for individuality in the system. Good teachers do encourage individuality, but very few ever challenge the status quo.


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