What makes a good Social Media Individual / Team?


We often get asked what makes a great social media individual / team or brand?

It all starts with what is your intention … Is your intention to sell to people, is the platform going to be all about you and your brand or are you going to be social?

Being social is putting the needs of your customers and the followers first, that means you have effectively listened to what they are needing from you. But it is often asked how can we listen?

Lets say you are starting out and we can assume no one knows you, so you will need to establish a following. These followers will only follow you if you provide content that is engaging, but continue serving the same type of content and the followers will start to follow someone else who has more up to date and relevant content.

Look at the diagram above and you will notice a three legged approach – that of Content, Followers and Interactions. You will also notice that these come before a strategy, we will look at strategy in a moment.

Lets get back to Interactions, probably the most vital element of the three but it cannot work without followers, the followers need to interact with your initial content, through these interactions you will start to see what content is interesting and what is not, rather easy to judge as if you get no feedback you don’t have the right content – no matter how ‘pretty’ or interesting you may think it is!

When you have got Content – Followers – Interactions right then you can start to say you are becoming a good social media individual / team or brand.

When you can honestly say that you are good, because you are providing relevant content, your interactions are effective as you are getting the feedback you need. The Content is attracting more followers and people are talking to you. This is when they will readily recommend you to their friends. At this point you can look at implementing a strategy that could be effective for a few months, but it needs to be constantly monitored and assessed.

This is what I call The Basics – for more detailed information you are welcome to watch my series of five videos on the topic, which can be found on my YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/GAPRUG

You may have a completely different approach and you may differ from me completely, but lets hear your views – please comment below.

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1 Response to What makes a good Social Media Individual / Team?

  1. Paula Kiger (Big Green Pen) says:

    I agree with what you’ve written here. I would add that as a “just starting out” type individual looking to work with brands who want me to have a certain volume of followers before they will work with me, I DO engage in occasional giveaways where people have to follow me as an entry. I know they may just be people who want to win a $200 Target gift card BUT once they are following me, I hope they stay for the great content and interactions. I would never have them if they hadn’t entered the giveaway. (And my thoughts on my 100,000th tweet here … I enjoyed your post!). http://biggreenpen.com/2015/12/23/ten-thoughts-on-100000-tweets/


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