Keep it simple … How to start and maintain

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We have all heard that we should keep it simple.

How do we simplify things and how do we start?

Well with anything you do, it is important to remember that we should firstly determine our intention or in simpler terms the reason why we are trying to accomplish what we intend to accomplish and what the results should look like.

More importantly our intention should not only be about what we are trying to achieve but our focus should also be on what we hope the ‘other people’ are going to get out of our intention.

The ‘other people’ are? You may ask. Whatever we do must have relevance with people and it’s only relevant when it’s meaningful, leaving people better than we found.

So yes you guessed it, everything we do comes down to relationships … These relationships are built on consistency and very little else matters.

So the bottom line to keeping it simple, once you have decided what the simple is, is to be CONSISTENT.

It has been said; consistency is far greater than rare moments of greatness.

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