Inconsistencies and Opportunities

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Just recently I have been pondering about the most effective way to complain on Social Media, no not to simply complain for the sake of complaining, but to consider how we can be active in the improvement of the businesses and the establishments we support.

To be active means that you have a history from which you can make a comparison, if you have never received service that you appreciate, you will probably not be back, complaining about this type of service may get you your money back or something for free (because that is how most people deal with complaints currently and that is unfortunate) but generally you will never be back and the only time you may be back is when you have no alternative to use the service. Generally the business or service provider knows this and they have no interest in keeping you as a customer, in truth they have you and will probably not lose you quickly. An example of this would be your local council or municipality.

With social media we become part of the integral community of the businesses and services we follow, either as an interactive or passive participant. These interactions lead us to an understanding of the personality of the business and we can easily detect inconsistencies.

When we notice inconsistencies we have two options, the one is we can chose to leave the community or we can become active in the improvement by pointing out the inconsistencies to the right people within the organisation; the right person is defined as someone with the authority to make a decision. This is done in a subtle and engaging tone, remember you are in relationship with this organisation and all actions should communicate that you authentically value the relationship.

I will leave you with these thoughts and please let me have your thoughts in this regard, lets find a way of dealing with inconsistencies that will truly respect the relationships that are paramount to our success.

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