Big Brand Arrogance

Screenshot 2014-10-26 09.43.15Big Brands often wonder how they are going to gain the competitive advantage over their competitors?

Well the answer is simple … Social Media gives you that competitive advantage and you can only be competitive if you are a participant. Yes as easy as that sounds big brands are so entrenched in old style marketing and the arrogance that is associated with the big brand that they miss the simple opportunity that lies before them.

Perfect examples of this are the two major telecomm companies, three major automotive brands and of course not forgetting the two major consumer electronics brands. The opportunities are vast if they just change and engage with their customers. This engagement is not about giving customers what they think the customers need, but rather in listening to what the customers would actually want.

Traditionally statistics are taken from a large segment of the population to get an average idea and statistics work for eighty five percent of the population. The other fifteen percent who are typically the influencers and real decision makers, who more often than not refuse participate in surveys. The question remains; how do we effectively engage with these influencers so that we may truly listen to the ideas that will influence the eighty five percent ultimately?

Yes you have guessed it correctly … Social Media is the arena where influencers play, the key is to engage with these influencers on a relational level and the thought leaders from organisations should be engaging with these influencers.

Influencers do not engage with brands, they have no regard for brands they seek to engage the influencers within the brands.

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