Twitter Marketing Funnel Amplification

Screenshot 2014-11-02 10.57.09I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to our Amplification service.

What is Social Media Amplification and how does it assist your marketing efforts?

Amplification is the increasing of an awareness campaign, with the assistance of social media influencers (this can be compared to a distributor of a publication).

The effect of amplification drastically broadens the top of the marketing funnel, thus increasing the potential of your brand, product or service being top of mind. Amplification is effective when it has high levels of consistency.

Will Amplification replace existing communication campaigns?

Amplification is not the messaging, it boosts campaign messaging. Therefore the relationship with your customer is retained at all times. You may want to create additional messaging crafted to attract a broader audience.

What results can be expected when using EXPand as a Amplification Catalyst?

EXPand is lead by Rich Simmonds – Top 50 Global Social Media Influencer who has a personal following of over 460,000, this combined with the following of EXPand’s associations brings the reach to well over 760K people.

At the recent EIBTM event held in Barcelona (Nov 2014) 2,1 Million people were reached and the impact was over 54 Million.

Screenshot 2014-11-18 16.04.07

When are reports generated by EXPand?

We communicate regularly with your team over a WhatsApp group chat and EXPand will generate reports every seven days to keep you updated on your campaign.

Why has EXPand chosen to use for reporting?

We believe that the only way to do business is to be transparent, is a free online reporting platform that anyone can access. Therefore the report we send you can be verified by yourselves and your auditors at any time, thus providing complete transparency.

What is the cost of an Amplification campaign and is there a minimum period?

All campaigns run for a minimum of three months.

Our bronze option is 200 Dollars per month for 60 Amplifications.

The silver option is 400 Dollars per month for 120 Amplifications.

The gold option is 600 Dollars per month for 180 Amplifications.

I invite you to discuss the possibility of amplification with me, as well as any questions you may have.

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Rich Simmonds      e-mail:

More info on this video :

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