Social Media – The Litmus test for companies.

UntitledPeople often ask me: When is Social Media most effective in companies? It’s not about how effective the strategy is, how emotionally intelligent the staff are, how valuable the content is, how many followers you have or how effectively you engage in conversations. Yes all these things are vitally important and contribute to the effective success of the company, but one thing stands out as more vital than any other … and that is TRUST.

Without trust relationships cannot work, without trust we can build no customer loyalty and without trust we need stringent policies and procedures in place, policies that authentically tell people that we don’t believe you can play nicely. Because the simple rule of life is “play nice’.

The most effective companies I work with are not the ones with the best social media policies; they are the companies with the best leadership. These leaders simply believe that their staff will play nicely and they do play nicely.

Life is not complicated; when we don’t play nicely people tend not to like us.  We constantly strive for recognition in life and thus in the search for recognition we learn to play nicely, it is called Social Regulation.

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