Basic Education … Is this ‘A Disclaimer’?


Who decided that the above equation is correct? Quite frankly the South African constitution implies exactly that.

So would you be happy with a basic education? Or more simply would you be happy with a ‘Basic’ anything; relationship, marriage, job or even salary for that matter.

Would you not want the best education possible? That would help you achieve more than just a basic wage.

If you had a great education, would you want your children to have a basic education?

NO NO NO a hundred times no, we need proper education.

What can be done? Well, an answer is to become an active citizen and get involved in the upliftment of education in your community. To find out more about what you can do contact the Partners for Possibility at +27 21 913 3507 or email:

Watch this video for more information.

Partners for Possibility – Action Inspired by Hope

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