#Video Blog : Strategic Social Media

This is a 5 part videos series recorded in November 2013, it was part of the #Tweet4SA training session in Johannesburg.

For ease of use the video was divided into 5 parts. Which hopefully makes sense.

Please feel free to ask any questions and I will attempt to address them either via the blog or by actually doing a video reply. So the challenge is to ask difficult questions that will challenge me and ultimately help the people who may have similar challenges to you.

Strategic Social Interventions copy.001Part One – Whats your Intention?

Our effectiveness on the Social Media platforms is about getting our intention right, when our intention is right our communication is authentic and effective.

Strategic Social Interventions copy.002

Part Two – The Basics and YOU

Social Media is all about YOU and when you get the basics right, everything else falls into place.

Strategic Social Interventions copy.003Part Three – Content, Followers and Interactions.

Is it just about content? How should we effectively build relationships with our followers so that we can provide the content that they are looking for.

Strategic Social Interventions copy.004Part Four – Are One Night Stands part of your Strategy?

Introducing Events, Activations and Tactics into your Social Media Strategy without building relationships with your followers can easily be viewed as a One Night Stand.

Strategic Social Interventions copy.005

Part Five – Keep Calm and Realize Advertising has Changed

We live in a world of change and Social Media is no different, find out what is relevant and what will work.

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