The Speed of Achievement

Screenshot 2014-12-27 08.22.11Speed you ask, well then how fast is fast, well if you asked your granny and a world champion racing driver the same question they would give entirely different answers. The main reason for this is that your granny and the race car drivers brains have had different conditioning. If we ask an achiever and the non achiever the same question we would get a similar outcome based on conditioning.

Speed however is a scary phenomenon if you not an adrenalin junkie. A while back I came across a quotation that read as follows: “each day you should do something that scares you”; interesting and therefore we could say that the speed is relative and as long as we are in control we are not really scaring ourselves or the adrenalin is not pumping.

This quote by Mario Andretti says it best of all “If you are in control, you are not going fast enough…” Andretti one of the most famous racing drivers of his generation, Andretti was one of only three drivers to win races on road courses, paved ovals, and dirt tracks in one season, a feat that he accomplished four times. With his final IndyCar win in April 1993, Andretti became the first driver to win IndyCar races in four different decades and the first to win automobile races of any kind in five.

Regardless of the high speeds he achieved he was clearly always in complete control of the car, the course and indeed himself.

However we need to consider our conditioning and change some of our associations, so that we can achieve and get the results of the champions we were designed to be.

Having the control worthy of the achiever we were intended to be.

In life do we do the things that will take us to the limit; in our thinking, in our relationships, our work and even in our spiritual lives?

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