Recruiting Talent and Clients

UntitledWhat sort of title is this you may ask? Talent acquisition is very different from attracting clients, and my question back at you is ‘Why is it different?’

Whether we are attracting the right talent or clients to our organizations one thing still remains the same and that is we are looking for the right people. Social media has taught us one valuable lesson, and that is that it is not technology and data management that are important, but rather the socially and psychology of how well we interact and build relationships with people.

So how then do we attract the right people to ourselves, thus benefiting ourselves and the organizations we are involved with? Any organization is only as good as it’s people and it’s clients.

We need to develop ourselves as influential thought leaders within our industry or area of influence, once we are seen as influential in a certain field you will know the right people either that you would like to invite for an interview to be part of the team you work for, or connect with as a potential client. The key is that you would of had contact with this person and have started building a relationship already through the interactions you have had.

Now that is an interesting concept recruitment and sales have just become one, I guess more than just a few people will get hot under the collar over this concept, but I have always said that for years we have tried to break silos within organizations and then social media arrived just to frustrate those who have tried for so long to build their empires in their own silo.

The challenge is now to build your influence using every tool at your disposal and become the person that the world needs. As Gandhi said ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’.

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