Social Media strategy is DEAD

targetYes the days of the Social Media strategy are over.

And if you don’t already have a Social Media strategy there is no need to fret, social media strategies are no longer needed. Social media is no longer a buzzword or a fad, it is now part of business and not because it has found it’s place in a specific department, it is part of everyone in every organisation everywhere.

Social media is an accepted part of our everyday lives and no longer should we see it as something different, it is part of our lives and we should view it; just as typing has become part of our everyday lives. Would you manage if you could not type or text, no I doubt you could. So don’t think about social media as something alien or different – it is you and the expression of who you are to the unknown world – the world that wants to contact and interact with you – give them what they are looking for.

Business the time has come where only the champions and the true influencers will carry you into this ever changing world, we can’t change with the times, we now need to change with the trends and only the true leaders within this digital age will have the vision to lead us into these unchartered waters.

The business strategy is about finding and nurturing digital leaders, those who are truly influential, who set an example by their actions and not by what they say.  After all actions speak so loud that we cannot hear what they are saying.

What you will probably need in the unchartered waters we are heading into is a Social Engagement Strategy which involves listening before talking and giving value before receiving the desired return on investment. Oh yes times have changed and have you prepared yourselves and your teams for this?

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2 Responses to Social Media strategy is DEAD

  1. Rich, the title was attractive but it’s a ‘fur coat, no knickers’ kinda blog. It would have been great if you’d explored the psychology and explored things that have changed.
    The point was ‘social media is no longer a fad, it’s an accepted part of the media landscape’ there’s so much more to say to develop this POV.
    Disappointed….also 1st line 3rd para ‘accepted’ no ‘excepted’. Sorry I have my pedantic uniform on today, obviously. I really respect your approach, Rich and have followed you for ages but, with respect, this doesn’t cut the mustard on this occasion.


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