Simplicity of Time Management

timeWe often wonder how we will manage our time in a world that seems to have so many demands on us, how do we manage work and still fit in a healthy lifestyle?

The answer is to simplify, in the past I may have told you that you need to prioritise your life. Unfortunately priorities do not simplify our lives. It actually just tells us that there is a lot to be done and we actually are trying to find time to do it all. Prioritising like that just adds stress to our lives.

I am suggesting you simplify and get rid of things in your life that waste time, so that you can make more time for yourself.

Don’t waste time watching television, yes that is a total waste of time. Encourage your family to do the same so that you can spend more time together. Don’t listen to and read the news and avoid people who like to share the news with you – if it’s really relevant you will get to hear about it regardless.

Now that you have made more time for yourself, choose to spend the newfound time reading, writing your first book or interacting with people who will actually add value to your life. Get out and meet new people and in turn advance your personal brand.

Think before you commit to things, ask yourself will this add to the value of my life or am I simply wasting valuable time.

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