Thought Leadership – How it works?

bulbYou may have heard the term “Thought Leadership” being used and probably wondered what is actually meant by this and why it even matters.

I have often referred to this in my training courses and people generally nod their heads in agreement. Today I would like to question the idea of the ‘thought leader’ and ask if it has an influence on our thoughts?

Lets look at the process of becoming a ‘thought leader’, firstly get enough knowledge, the process can be likened to becoming an expert which is generally considered that 10000 hours of practice will provide enough understanding. What is important however is that you never become a guru but rather a catalyst for further discussion and learning. A catalyst is the person who stimulates the conversation and once the conversation has started, then only moderates if need be.

When we are able to ask effective questions of ourselves and others, we are on the road to becoming a thought leader. Thought leadership involves taking ideas – normally conventional ones and challenging them in unconventional ways so that we achieve different and extraordinary ideas. Collaboration between like minded thought leaders often results in innovation.

We need more thought leaders, we need ‘thought leaders’ that are experts, but we also need the ChangeMakers that regardless of how much they know are willing to challenge the norms and ask the questions that become catalysts in getting ‘thought leaders’ that have not yet emerged to become in involved in the conversations.

In short the conversations are happening with or without you, but it would be so much better when influential thought leaders from the fields respective to the conversations are involved.

This is your invitation to get involved.

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