The Future of Digital Marketing

ID-10021827This is the time of the year when everyone makes predictions and asks questions about the next year. I have just been invited to give a Keynote in Nigeria and I have been asked to share my thoughts on what the future of Social Media will look like in Africa. In fact as I look at the rumours running in the marketing world at the moment, we will see more competitors emerging and they will all be trying to be different from those who traditionally have tried to lead the way. By the end of the year we may even see sectors dominated by players that have been totally off our radars until now.

I have just read an article from a friend of mine Jonathan Houston and I have actually commented on his post and thought I would share my comments and some more ideas with my readers. Jonathan’s article can be found at Will Digital Marketing Mature in 2015?

Engagement will be the real differentiator between success and failure. Some will mature, some will wonder if they should and others will still rely on their budgets to put up more smoke and mirrors than ever before. But when the smoke settles it will probably be too late to regain the lost ground that competitors gained through real engagement. Ultimately 2015 will be the year to prove that only consistency wins the engagement battle! I published a post earlier today which will give you a little more insight into the way engagement can work for you : Marketing – CONTENT Engagement, Entertainment and Experience

Do I honestly think that this maturing will take place in 2015? Oh I would love to say yes but I am probably too much of a realist. I also understand the inflexibility of people and the fact that people and rivers are exactly the same; they always take the easiest route. My prediction is that our marketing people will continue to look at apps and technology to make them look good and their jobs easier!

Does the above statement hit you between your eyes? Am I standing on your feet? Realise that in this statement lies the biggest opportunity, most will ignore this message, but those who embrace my message will seek better ways of engaging, resulting in solid relationships being built.

The real question remains, will we look for new ways to do things or will we simply keep the status quo? Yes I use the word WE because it is far too easy to get busy and achieve nothing.

I would really like to hear your views.

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