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10 Keys to Menteeship – from #FriedTwitterTales

Gamification is a term that few understand and an idea that is often confused with technology. Lets simplify gamification, it is nothing else than the game of life and the more seamlessly it fits into everyday life the more effective … Continue reading

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Consideration – A must read!

Author Unknown One day, a ten-year-old boy went to an ice cream shop, sat at a table and asked the waitress, “How much is an ice-cream cone?” She said, “seventy-five cents.” The boy started counting the coins he had in … Continue reading

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Do you have a right to be offended?

Probably the simplest thing we can do is get offended. The question is do you have a right to get offended? The simple answer is yes of course you have a right to be offended because no one gets hurt … Continue reading

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The rise of the Digital Leader

The worldwide reality is that only about 13% of the workforce is actively engaged, while the rest are just at work, doing what they need to be doing, so they don’t get their arses fired! A few of the workforce … Continue reading

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Are #Hashtags on Twitter still relevant?

Twitter has been around since 2006 and there is a bit of confusion as when it is appropriate to use a #Hashtags. #Hashtags are generally used to draw attention to a word and using a #Hashtag in Twitter will also … Continue reading

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Will your arrogance make YOU accountable?

Have you ever said the following? Are you on Twitter? If you are on Twitter and you have said that people should follow you, think about what you have actually said … By implication you have authentically said ‘I am … Continue reading

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Will we learn from the mistakes in Education?

We all think … But do we think about what we think about when we think? When I look at the quote above, I wonder how correct the english in that sentence is. No let me be honest I probably … Continue reading

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Leaders are passionate about breaking rules!

Rules are often thought to be the law, when in actual fact the rules leaders are confronted with are actually the ‘status quo’ and the latin meaning is actually ‘the mess we are in’. Then the question needs to be … Continue reading

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Don’t gloat about SONA – it’s happening in your organisation!

Last week in South Africa we had the State of the Nation (SONA) address.┬áMany people were hoping that President Jacob Zuma would say he would pay back the money, thus taking the wind out of Julius Malema’s argument. Lets look … Continue reading

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Where are we? What happened to what we know?

Traditional authoritarian systems are losing power, faster than we are understanding what is happening. I will try to explain what I am sensing, so that together we can try to figure out how we should be changing. Lets look at … Continue reading

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