Disruptively Reliable Leadership

Marcus Dall Col
In a world where we are constantly looking for shortcuts and time-saving solutions we often lose our effectiveness due to one simple reason; the lack of focus. When we lose focus, we lose effectiveness and once we have lost effectiveness we become even more frantic in our search for quick fix solutions. One of the key indicators that we should be aware of when determining a lack of focus, is if we constantly have to play catch up.

Brands are no different from people (they are run by people after all) and when they find they’ve lost effectiveness they look for disruptive ways of gaining the attention of customers and potential customers. People are no different, when they realise that relationships are falling apart they often take people out for dinner or buy gifts. Brands try give discounts and also give gifts. I often wonder why we refer to people and brands as being different, they are not that different after all (they are run by people after all).

What we need is reliability, and that is not an unusual concept by the way! Think of the surfer in the picture above, when he went to the sea this morning he knew there would be waves to ride, the bonus is if the waves are bigger but at least there are waves. Imagine sitting on the ocean waiting for the only big wave of the day to come – perhaps it will be too big to ride when it does come or you may be sleeping when it does come and will only hear about it later.

What good is being disruptive if you cannot be reliable? Think consistency first as people will trust you when you are reliable. If you want to be a better leader today stop playing catchup, start simplifying and look for the ways that you can build relationships and keep those relationships alive through being dependable and somewhat predictable. Oh and if you wondering about brands, the same rules apply (they are run by people after all).

Image : Unsplash/Marcus Dall Col

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1 Response to Disruptively Reliable Leadership

  1. violetweed says:

    Good read! As a surfer myself, you realize that surfer is about to wipeout, right? 🙂


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