Keep things simple; ALWAYS and my PROMISE to you.

Screenshot 2015-02-05 10.16.04Keep things simple; ALWAYS and communicate clearly using your own words, not the words people expect you to use!

The last year has been a huge learning curve for me, I wrote two books – the one was a simple book which gave one tool to improve relationships. This intentional book titled ‘5 Night Plan’ gave readers a single tool that they could add to all the other tools in the relationship skills toolbox. Really simple and I believe very effective. It was also written in simple conversational english aimed at reaching the broadest audience possible.

My following book titled ‘Mug and Tweet’ had a different intention and was definitely more academic, in fact initially many Professors reviewed the book and were challenged by the ideas put forth in the book. Some took the challenge and others simply retreated! I had many comments about the book and very few reviews. In hindsight the book is a great body of knowledge and the ideas put forth are challenging to those who choose to think and those that are already thinking. The downfall of this approach is targeting a specific niche of people who may be listening and may be interested in the many ideas put forth if they are focused and if they had time. Far too complex actually and trying to impact the ideas of a few will never change the whole world.

The simplicity of the above two paragraphs is that ‘5 Night Plan’ is a book that helps people and ‘Mug and Tweet’ is a book that helps me. Many writers do this and it’s a great way to build your brand, I can testify to that through how my life has changed after publishing ‘Mug and Tweet’.

I have subsequently realised that my writing no longer needs to be about building my brand, and rather about serving people who can learn something from what I have learnt in life. I need to remind myself constantly of my original intention of ‘RuleBreaker and ChangeMaker’. My friend Dr. Steve Maraboli said I shoot from the hip, he should know as he was an expert marksmen in his younger days. Which probably means I break a few more things than the rules!

So here is MY PROMISE to you: I will not complicate things and I will stick to basic simple ideas like I shared in my post about the late Dr. Myles Munroe. I will keep the language conversational and I will usher in the power of the story by using emotion.

I look forward to this journey ahead, a journey that begins with writing a book on Leadership, hopefully from a different angle than anything you have read before. Lets venture down these paths and discover new ways by challenging and changing old paradigms that no longer serve us.

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  1. Thank you for your advice and i try to do my dear friend


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