Looking for Lewis …. Inspired by @LewisPugh

Challenges come in the way of observations for me, I look at things and wonder what is the lesson. I looked at the following photo and wondered why is the proverbial ostrich’s head not in the sand. Then it dawned on me they are ‘Looking for Lewis’.

Screenshot 2015-02-05 10.04.38

Lewis Pugh the human polar bear as he has been called, might just be under this slab of ice. Clearly this poor soul has lost his way and needs a bit of direction. If he could determine the direction Lewis was swimming in he could head in that direction and in less than a mile he would find Lewis’ support team.

Why do we lose our direction?

We often fail to see the value within ourselves and we judge ourselves according to what other people achieve as opposed to what we are capable of achieving. We can’t all swim like Lewis, but each of us has an unique set of talents that only we can do.

How do you find your unique talents?

I have found the simplest is to look back at our years at school, the years before money came into our lives and it severely skewed our choices. Think again of Lewis, he swims as it is his passion; he is passionate too about the awareness and change it can bring to conservation and especially that of the oceans.

Now think back to when you were at school, what did you most enjoy about what you did with your time, don’t focus on the things you did not succeed at, focus on what you enjoyed even if you were not particularly good at them. When you are able to identify things that you enjoyed then, you can dig a little deeper and ask yourself questions like: Why did those particular activities bring me joy and perhaps a sense of fulfilment?

Who can assist you in finding the keys to your talents?

You hold the keys to this discovery, you know what made you feel good. You may need to speak to old school friends and family members to remind you of incidents that impacted on your life. You can also seek professional help or take online tests like the Strengths Finder Test which certainly assisted me in remembering what gave me a sense of achievement and through this process realised that the moment of fulfilment in my life was around the age of 13. The Strengths test is around $10 and in my opinion will be the best $10 you will ever spend.

What is your purpose in life?

There are many schools of thought, but I like to align myself with the simple universal thought of; Your purpose in life is to make a difference in the lives of others. It may be a journey of discovery to this point, but the essence of life is really about others and not yourself. That is why Lewis does what he does, because ultimately it is not about him but rather about the Oceans and the creatures that live in those oceans.

I encourage you to follow Lewis at @LewisPugh and visit his website where you can get more information on the ‘The 5 Swims in Antarctica for ONE Reason’ http://lewispugh.com/information-five-swims-expedition/

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