The Simplicity of Consistency

Screenshot 2015-02-08 09.45.06We often wonder how we can simplify our lives, and this reminds me of my favourite quote on simplicity: If you don’t spend time wondering how you can simplify your life, you are simply wasting your time!

Why would I even say something like that you may ask? I like to challenge myself as much as I challenge my readers. Therefore lets look at a practical way in which we can actually simplify our lives.

Have you ever thought about being consistent?

For starters imagine being consistent in relationships, they would become so much easier and the level of trust within that relationship would increase considerably,

If that is what consistency can do for our relationships imagine what it could do for every other area of our lives.

Consistency is probably one of the most overlooked aspects and once considered could have a remarkable effect on our future success. Instead we have been led to think that success in any area will be achieved by setting bite sized goals or eating the elephant ‘bite by bite’ as it is so often referred to.

If that is actually the truth there would be no more elephants and even more obese people in the world. Fortunately for the elephants this does not happen and the reality is that we understand very little about eating or goal setting should we think like that. 

The reality is we only eat what we need and we only achieve to the level we think we need or deserve that is. This is a mental block and it is caused by our ‘fear of fatigue’. We think we have a limited capacity and we will only work until we think we have enough. Then we will work again when we need more. As bizarre as this may sound, many people are in this rut and it is not uncommon – it is simply the factory mentality and not the mentality of a farmer. Farmers work consistently to ensure that they have sufficient for their own needs and that they have enough to sell.

What is the solution?

Let’s look at nature and in particular the honey bee, the saying ‘as busy as a bee’ comes to mind – however when I look at a bee I don’t see busyness, but rather consistency. Bees just seem to get the job done and they never stop producing. They seem to be extremely content creatures who simply get the work done with an extreme sense of purpose but without the stress of having to rush.

It’s this consistency or routine that we need to install into our lives. We need to look for opportunities of how we can introduce ideas into our lives that will be simple, and that will consistently produce success.

Let’s look at the marathon runners and what makes them achieve – they decide to run a specific distance every day and stick to a training programme. Losing a days training does not put you a day back, it puts you weeks back and they understand that consistency will develop the fitness and stamina they need to finish the marathon on the day. 

Writers like Stephen King consistently write 2,000 words every day of the year—including his birthday and holidays. He believes in a strict ritual of writing in order “to make yourself ready to dream just as you make yourself ready to sleep by going to bed at roughly the same time each night and following the same ritual as you go.”

These principles are echoed everyday in Social Media, the more consistent we can be the more opportunities we will find … Can those who are looking for you find you in your consistency. Will you have made yourself ready to ACHIEVE?

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9 Responses to The Simplicity of Consistency

  1. prince says:

    I would like to thank you for this helpfull masage as I almost lost track of the need for me to be consistent and follow my daily routine of studying, maditatingand continuous focus on my business plan and my cotinuous improvement of my invention. Nothing beats consistency.


  2. Beautiful advice Rich. Something simple but extremely important and a backbone of blogging excellence. Thanks for sharing a nice article with us.


  3. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? But in reality, how many things are we consistent about? Even something as mundane as teeth brushing , which takes a minute, we skip because we are just too tired and flop into bed. I am more aware than ever how consistency is the foundation for success.
    This is a brilliant post. Well done!


  4. mhsnair says:

    Amazing thoughts, love your articles and blogs.
    Been putting your world view and advices from your blogs to use in my daily life and i am close to launching my new business this month.

    Thank you Rich Simmons


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  6. Amazing advice rich. And the way you explained it… it got even more effective. Relationships is the only thing I have had consistency in and till now, I never realized how it made my life super easy and super fun.
    If only we have consistency in everything we do..
    Truthfully speaking, I have always considered consistency important but after reading this article, I realized I never gave it the importance it deserves. Thanks for this write-up. A great start for the day.


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