Leaders are passionate about breaking rules!

Challenge The Status QuoRules are often thought to be the law, when in actual fact the rules leaders are confronted with are actually the ‘status quo’ and the latin meaning is actually ‘the mess we are in’. Then the question needs to be asked ‘how did we get into such a mess?’

The reality is that we are continuously getting into a mess in one way or the other, because as soon as we become comfortable in any situation we find ourselves in we stop growing. Think of growing pains, it is part of life – to grow we need adversity, it is a simple rule of life.

Leaders realise to grow that they need to be passionate about breaking the status quo and finding new opportunities for growth in there own lives and in the people who have trusted them to lead. These leaders know that the only way they can truly serve people is to challenge and cause them to grow. True leaders know that their duty is to develop people and inspire more people to become leaders.

Leaders that are truly influential have released their own need and have the interest of their followers at heart, as they intrinsically know that when they have developed others and helped them become more influential, they in turn would have become influential in the process, by this this definition leaders actually lead from the back – that is true influence, it’s the communicated and heartfelt vision that normally proceeds these leaders.

To be a better leader you can do the following:

  1. Constantly look for areas in your own life that can change, remember to make yourself one hundred percent better you simply take 100 things and change them by 1% every day, soon you will be 100% better.
  2. Develop a passion for people, asking yourself how you can make a difference in their lives – your duty is to change yourself not others! When they notice the change in you they too will be motivated to grow.
  3. Ask more WHY questions, yes go back to your childhood and ask why you do what you do. If your answer does not have a growth element in it, realise you are wasting time and by maintaining the ‘status quo’ you are actually wasting your time.
  4. Be impatient with yourself and allow others time to find the motivation from you. The only factor that will cause anyone to change is when you show them empathy (not sympathy). When you have been empathetic to others they will find the motivation (which is intrinsic) to change. Your empathy even when offered in love is manipulation (extrinsic) so always be supportive of others, listening and encouraging. 
  5. When we talk less we can listen more and it is only in these moments that we can actually plant the seeds into the other persons thoughts. It takes time yes, but then the real question must be asked: Why are you trying to assist in the growth of anyone if you don’t love them?

Leadership is a responsibility not a title, it is a position of service and the vision is always to take people from where they are to where they want to go, but find out first where they wish to go before you simply start taking them there.

Photo credit: Kay Gaensler / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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6 Responses to Leaders are passionate about breaking rules!

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  4. Melusi says:

    Yes I agree with the statement, but I think leadeship is not only about braecking the rules unless its on a political atmosphere where the rulling party makes the rules in such a way that oppositions will not find opportunities all they do is to be pronounced illegal.Leadership can be done without breacking the rules and encouraging the followers to follow a direction that is conducive to growth within the organisation or society.


    • RichSimmondsZA says:

      Breaking of the rules is challenging the Status Quo and not doing anything illegal. Without resistance or challenges nothing ever changes.


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