Will we learn from the mistakes in Education?


We all think … But do we think about what we think about when we think?

When I look at the quote above, I wonder how correct the english in that sentence is. No let me be honest I probably don’t care about the english structure of that sentence, if I did care I would of changed it after the first time I said it and never used it again. But the truth is I like that quote of mine, because it is disruptive creative and it makes me think and hopefully a few other people too. Oh and I think there is some rule about never using the same word repeatedly like think in a sentence, but then I think that think works in this context. 

What was the point of all that thinking? I want to discuss the dilemma we have in Education. Oh don’t be so righteous it is not just South Africa that has a problem with education, we just have a bigger problem with education but that does not make your education system any better from anyone else.

Why do I say this? Simply because if your education system was that effective you would not have the same problems as every other government in the world. Certainly a little bit more education may delay the problems from arising, but they are coming and it is because we have an education system that does not align with human behaviour. This misalignment causes us to look for solutions and improvements without understanding the real problems.

For education to be effective we shouldn’t teach people how to learn, but rather embrace differences, reward failures and encourage creativity in every form! Each of our realities are different – some of us are more emotional, others more reserved, some more outgoing, analytical, critical and a billion other differences.

The only practical way to accomplish this is to simplify the education systems and not continue to overcomplicate them. What we need are more creative communities that are able to find solutions through collaboration. The only way to usher in this collaboration is to ask questions that will cause people to think, and the better we get at asking creative questions the easier it will be to find solutions to the challenges that face us.

On an even more practical level the chances that education will change fast enough to provide enough creative thinkers is a pipe dream. So as we are faced with that stark reality, my question is ‘How are you bringing about a change in thinking around you, by encouraging and rewarding the creativity in others?

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