Will your arrogance make YOU accountable?

Have you ever said the following? Are you on Twitter?twitterfollow_zps630ee2f4

If you are on Twitter and you have said that people should follow you, think about what you have actually said … By implication you have authentically said ‘I am a leader and you should follow me!’

That is a very bold and arrogant statement if ever I have heard one, but that is what we have all effectively said if we are on Twitter.

The real question now is ‘Are you going to back this statement up by giving your followers something worthwhile?’ If you intention is to serve your followers then I am extremely pleased as your unintentional arrogance has just made you accountable.

Do this with consistency, build trust by serving others unselfishly and soon, not only you will be calling yourself a leader – you would have built up enough influence to be worthy of being called a leader by others. Oh and just for the record, it is rather low emotional intelligence if you do call yourself a leader.

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