The Possibility of HOPE

hope-handI once made a remark that some people get scared when they hear that I am a RuleBreaker, in fact I think some even avoid meeting with me and the only explanation would be ‘a fear of the unknown’ … I don’t have the answers but I have questions and many thoughts that probably provoke people into a type of thinking where they wish they could put me on some calming drug to make me more normal, just like the medical and education system does with most children like me.

So you may ask if I am ADHD or something like that, well frankly remember I am a RuleBreaker, not because I decided to be one because I am one and that includes breaking every rule as long as no single person is affected in the process – well perhaps the medical fraternity have lost millions because of people like me who fell through the cracks in the system.

We have been programmed to fear the unknown, when we actually should be embracing it with open arms and asking how we can explore more possibilities. But the world system (the system designed in the industrial age) holds us captive and we rather believe in statistics and analytics that were designed for the ordered and oppressive system of the industrial age.

One of the indicators for me that the age is ending fast is when you look at policy and laws, people are no longer complying so compliance has been intensified, copyright laws have tried to address changes in publishing and recording and they have failed dismally to the extent that the artists and bands have changed the way they do business.

Intellectual property and patent laws have intensified but they fail themselves, because the intended use clause which normally holds true is no longer valid when people find other uses for the product.

In the past the clever person needed another clever person to come up with an idea together, that has changed to as clever people can normally only think alike because they were sent through the same old sausage machine. Now we need the alternative mind, the person who does not understand the system so that ideas can be challenged and innovative ways found to approach old paradigms.

I often wonder what is going to be the key to unlock the next wave of business, what business will be like for our children and how the future billionaire will look compared to the very stereotyped successful person of today.

If we think skills – the type we learn within the current school system will help, no they probably will not help, in fact I am grateful to my mother who taught me to read and write before I went to school – my belief is that the most important skill we can teach anybody is how to communicate, how to listen and how to ask for more than just what is been said.

We need to ask the difficult questions, many people can tell you how to do something, but very few know actually why they do it, so we need to ask why? When we and the people we are asking the questions of understand the why, they will begin to approach what they do with more passion. We will be able to communicate more effectively because we have a deeper meaning and we have a vision because we are focusing on the outcome and not just the process.

Communication is key and when we are able to effectively communicate why we do things it will inspire others to stretch there own boundaries and look for new opportunities. This allows us to open up possibilities and give people the actual thing they are looking for and that is hope.

So join me on this journey of possibility, ask more than just questions and give people the HOPE that they so desperately need.


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1 Response to The Possibility of HOPE

  1. Its thoughtful and profound insider but I thank you. I’m an Enterpreneur and stays in South Africa very passionate about success and love giving hope to others. How can I enhence my skill in Public speaking because I’d love to be a motivational speaker one day. Secondly its having to expand my business globally with the typer service that I’m providing, African House on Fire its an Events Management Company and does Marketing and Advertising. Thirdly Mr. Simmons is meeting you Personally for you ae a real inspiration to lots of indivituals around the Globe, I Coordinate Business Seminors and what can I do to have you on one of them. Thank you and hope to hear from you. I’m on Twitter @ThePresident12 and can also call me on +27 83 245 6102


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