Big Gratitude – Big Lives

gratitude-this-dawn-8Oh how fragile we are and how invincible we act, going through life as if nothing can touch us. When we actually consider how fragile we are, then only do we begin to understand grace.

Grace is bigger than us, bigger than we could ever be – yet it is ours, our very own, we just need to accept our blessings with the utmost gratitude.

Gratitude becomes real when we realise that we could never have achieved what we have achieved on our own, and if we think we have achieved something on our own that is pride and not gratitude, and  we’ve really sold ourselves short. The reality is that we can accomplish so much more, not because of who we are but simply for the fact that grace is so present and tangible in our lives – sometimes we just need to simply get over ourselves.

Grace is in our lives, in the very fibre of who we are. Grace is our internal guide when we humble ourselves.

Allow grace to flow in your life, discipline yourself and allow your ego to be suppressed so that great things may be accomplished through you, so great that you will be astonished and gratitude will be flow from you influencing everybody you come into contact with.

You were made for a time like this, it’s your time to shine – Grace will be your guide in the hallways of your life and your gratitude will open doors that never existed when you were proud.

Don’t be stubborn, allow grace to guide you and be thankful always. Let gratitude be your brand – it’s the authentic attitude of gratitude that will open the doors.

Photo credit: juliejordanscott / Foter / CC BY

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