Listening – Authentic Communication

When we hear the word ‘communication’ we often think about how we are going to say something and say it effectively, what new ideas we can bring into our content mix and how are we going to get the attention of our audiences.

Often the answer is so simple, yet so difficult to comprehend … All we need to do is listen.

We often do not realise that we have the other persons full attention when we are effectively listening to them. These are amazing opportunities to ask subtle questions that will achieve what the communication would have achieved anyway.

And no I am not only referring to the interpersonal connections, I am referring to communication in it’s broadest sense and this communication is enabled by Social Media, the number of platforms you use and which ones you chose are entirely up to you.

You may be using Facebook, to see how people are talking about you and your brand, Twitter to see if they actually recommend you and if they are prepared to retweet what you have said to their friends.

They may be using LinkedIn to tell their business network about the job opportunities you have on offer, and updating their network on the type of advice and training they have received form you.

You could be using Pinterest to see if your friends and customers are actually interested in what they say they are interested in and on FourSquare you can see where they go, what they like eating and if the service you provide is any good and if they will even think of recommending you.

Yes the world has changed and authentic communication is what people are looking for, so before you communicate ask yourself ‘have I listened enough and do I actually have a feel for what people want’ and if not.

The solution is simple … keep listening until.

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3 Responses to Listening – Authentic Communication

  1. Muhumuza Henry says:

    thanks for the great effort to empower people allover the world, may God bless you.


  2. Grant says:

    Loved rreading this thanks

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