Intention – Authentic Communication

You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Your intention creates the perception in the minds of others, which ultimately forms their impression of you. I have always said that the other person’s perception of you is never wrong. Believe me that is true in most cases.

So how do we go about creating the correct intention in the minds of others, so that it leaves an everlasting impression of who we are?

Get your intention right first, simplify your life and determine what your real purpose is in life.

Our highest purpose of course is to have meaning in the lives of others, if you can in some way align your purpose to this is does tend to simplify life.

You see it is what you think of yourself that is important, not what others think of you. If you have not clarified the way you think of yourself, others will have nothing to think about you other than the superficial.

The example I often use in this instance is: Have you met a divorced woman in her forties? She will use the following statement – I am not sure how I will get a man, as I don’t have the body of a twenty year old! Never mind if you have not heard this statement, some do say that and the message that they are telling the world and the men they meet is ‘Look at my body’. Instead she could be seeing herself as a wholesome woman who has a lot to offer, seeing herself as a perfect partner (intention) and they in turn will see her as a wholesome woman who would be their perfect partner (perception).

So the challenge is think of yourself the way you would want others to see you, this will create the perception for them of who you are and you will be received more favourably.

Life is simple when you chose to keep it simple!

“Punk Boy” by Africa –

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