Good Leaders vs Bad Managers

8597419337_39876bcce0_cHow can you identify a good leader from a bad manager? I am going to give you a very simple answer that will allow you to think about this concept.

Think of the generational theory – the X generation, they Y generation, the Millennial’s and how bad managers try to find excuses for not being able to effectively work with these so called ‘different generations’. They use terms like these generations think differently and need to be treated differently! What ‘BULLSHIT’ and before you think these generations need to be more like you, NO dammit are you actually telling me that you have not changed and evolved? If you think these generations are different from you and you cannot work with them, face the brutal truth – you have not evolved and you have become ineffective, you are simply a bad manager and you need to retire today, before you do anymore damage.

In contrast Good Leaders have evolved, these leaders find common ground consistently in every situation they find themselves. They are usually good parents who know how to communicate with their families and good leaders see work as an extension of their normal lives, they do not need to manage the process as they are passionate about their families, their work and their lives.

In summary good leaders are effective in communicating (listening, understanding and engaging) whilst bad managers buy in to excuses from generational and other theories to justify their lack of communication skills.

Does my article get you thinking, did I hurt your feelings? I would love to hear your comments, especially the comments in disagreement to me.

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2 Responses to Good Leaders vs Bad Managers

  1. fofo pooe says:

    I could not agree with you more, this subject is very close to my heart as I strive to becoming a great leader everyday


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