Authentic Change (Part Seven) Social Media “Gamification” … Life as we know it!

6636632951_29ae6b49a9_bPondering change and thinking about things that occur around us, I am drawn to my statement in part six of this series … ‘Simply if you aren’t making time to think about how you can simplify your life, you are simply wasting time.’

I have to ask the question as to how we can simplify our approach to social media – I remember, about a two years ago, getting a mastermind group together to discover everything that was new and what was happening in social media. The day, in my opinion, was a failure, and the main reason was we were trying to answer questions to complicated questions we had conjured up.

The approach should have been simple and the question even simpler:

‘Does it work?’ and ‘How can it work for us?’

When we adopt the simple approach we can include everyone, not just the experts, and this is vital in collaboration going forward … more and more you hear of young children and other non-experts coming up with solutions to problems the experts can’t solve.

Social Media is a very limiting description, but don’t allow the description to limit your belief about what it authentically is, you see social media is actually life – it is the medium that has enabled us to connect with others and to stay in contact with them.

Social is life as we know it! Those that are extroverted in life are extroverted in the social arena, those that are shy are also shy on social media. This is strange because contrary to popular belief that says interacting online is not real, people still feel the need to be shy and hide from the world in a social space.

When we think about Gamification – it’s actually not about apps but rather how technology works with life, and social media works seamlessly with life and is therefore the benchmark for Gamification.

If social media was fake or unreal, then people would not hesitate to engage, but authentically they realise that it’s real, contrary to popular belief, and refuse or fail to engage.

In the social business arena, companies have no doubt that it is real and have tried to hide for as long as possible behind the old facades of the system, no wonder we had a meltdown in the global economy – that was just the way business worked in the industrial age.

Only twenty out of the Fortune 500 CEO’s are involved in some way with social media, that is 4% and that is alarming – my question is ‘Authentically what are they trying to hide? How long do they think they can possibly get away with it?’ Because at the end of the day you can shut down the likes of ‘WikiLeaks’, but what is the authentic message you are delivering by not being involved?

The time to be open and transparent is with us, it is a time where only the truth will prevail, that is simple and everyone understands the truth because it is never complex.

Don’t look for the complex, look for the simple and see a world that is new and changing daily, let go of your old paradigms and embrace change as quickly as you possibly can.

Thank you for sharing this journey of Authentic Change with me, I hope that the ideas I have shared help to stimulate thinking and provoke discussion so that we may all live in a better world.

Photo credit: Nanagyei / Foter / CC BY

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