Chocolates, Discipline and Financial Success

We often wonder why we don’t succeed at the rate we expected to succeed. Recently I have realised that it is not a case of ‘not’ succeeding, but rather a case of ‘cannot’. This ‘cannot’ is not an excuse but rather a reality, and the real question is then …

Why we cannot succeed?

Success is about discipline and the question we really need to ask ourselves is what discipline do we need to be successful, what simple things are we avoiding in our lives that may lead us to achieving what we have set out to do?

Yes, simple little things that we find excuses not to do. For instance, if we are dieting, we ask questions like ‘what difference will one chocolate make?’ And we usually answer ‘not much’, and that is probably true. However every excuse we make damages our own belief that we have in achieving our goals, every excuse delays our goals and eventually we land up not achieving.

There is no room for compromise on the road to success, when we start to compromise, we have authentically told ourselves that success is not that important and we are prepared to accept the status quo and then we need to ask ourselves why we set the goal in the first place?

What discipline will we need for success?

Keep your goals simple, the simpler they are the easier they will be to attain. This simple goal is not merely a simple goal – it may be that you want to be financially free or  it may be that you want to run the Comrades Marathon.

Begin by finding out what the steps are needed to achieve your goals, do proper research and make sure you have set clear targets. Identify the things ‘like the chocolates’ that may just cause you to compromise along the way and promise yourself never to compromise, yes, never, and don’t allow others to steal your dream – you see many people who have run the Comrades eat chocolates or drink beer as an example, but if you know that will cause you to fail, then as soon as you subscribe to the fact that some runners do that, you have broken your agreement and you are beginning to fail. We know what these things are, so be honest and identify them early and preferably even before you set your goals.

Chocolates and your Financial Success9293788610_82a772e565_c

This sounds like a truly bizarre subtitle I know, and I fully agree with you. The question is what do chocolates have to do with your financial success?

Imagine you have set yourself a goal to be financially free – becoming financially free will take years of sacrifice and extreme discipline, you will need to save and learn to think as the rich do in order for you to achieve your dream. It will be a road of commitment, consistency and almost no compromise.

For you to achieve your ultimate goal you will need discipline in every area of your life, you may need to exercise more, eat less and meditate more. Discipline is about overcoming our own egos, telling the ego that what we need to achieve is more important that what is tempting us now and your very own ego will test you more than any person you know.

So the analogy of the chocolates in this section is simply to illustrate that something as small as a chocolate can destroy everything we have worked for and are working for, simply because we have been deceived into thinking a chocolate will not make a difference – when authentically, a chocolate may just make the difference that will delay your goal forever.

Spend time understanding yourself so that you can effectively set goals that will be SMART. Don’t allow the time spent understanding yourself to become an excuse why you have not set any goals yet. If you really don’t understand yourself, join a gym, go for a run or start saving … you will soon find out more than you ever knew about yourself.

See you on the road to freedom.

Photo credit: Tortured Mind Photography / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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