Social Media – Crisis Management Plan

[ Clear Communication of Correct Intention = Constructive Crisis Control ]

The solution is to have a foundation of constructive, effective communication by having a clearly defined intention, making very sure your intention is 100% in alignment with your Vision, Mission, Marketing Strategy, Customer Care and Business Plan. Each person within the communication team must be thoroughly briefed so their social media messages are consistently clear, precise, customer-centric and constructive, every single time.

Whilst having a correct intention generally prevents a communication crisis, some things are simply beyond our control. The larger the organisation, the higher the risk of crisis! These risks are very real – so be prepared and have a proactive plan.

An effective plan is the difference between being active and proactive in your crisis management.

The difference is: Being active in your crisis preparedness and crisis management means developing a crisis plan. This is the bare minimum that needs to be done and is an active approach to crisis preparedness. However, being proactive is a complete mindset, rather than a task. For example, it means empowering your team to pro-actively identify and minimise risk and to pro-actively seek out opportunities to build trust and credibility with your stakeholders, which will prove to provide a powerful advantage in a crisis; etc.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 5.03.30 PMHaving this type of proactive mindset is what will differentiate your team and position them as a crisis communication professionals. The more emotionally intelligent the communications team are, the easier they will deal with the emotionally unintelligent attacks of disgruntled followers/customers who have usually been brainwashed into attacking your brand.

Crisis Communicators are a unique sort of being – and people we most definitely can (and must!) learn from to help prepare us for a crisis situation. They keep calm regardless of what is happening around them or being thrown at them, continuing to communicate objectively.

For more assistance with either management, training or setting up a Social Media Crisis Management System for your organisation – please contact me at

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