Write your first book – It’s already in YOU!

4557566147_b511df9b8d_oIt has been said that everyone has at least one book inside of them … So how do you go about writing a book then?

Well the easiest would be to just start. But many of us feel our writing is not good enough, mainly because we did not excel in English at school, well if that is an excuse then I would never have started either. Currently I am writing my third book and daily I get attacked by the grammar police on Twitter – in fact I don’t even see it as an attack anymore. They are my friends, at least I give them something to do and just imagine, I must be the butt of many of their jokes.

Yes, the story is more important than the grammar – most people complain about the grammar in ’50 Shades of Grey’, but has that stopped people buying and reading the book? No, so have no fear, they will read your book too.

Of course blogging is a great place to start and it definitely builds your confidence. I can assure you, if you blog regularly for two years, you will find enough content for a book. Don’t attempt long blogs – the short blogs are always better. Always try to keep your blogs shorter than 500 words.

What are you going to write about?

Some of us can tell great stories and others will comment on current affairs; some will even write poetry and philosophy. Remember that the story will find you writing, so get into the habit of writing and you will find that stories come your way easily. This article was prompted an hour ago and will be finished in the next couple of minutes, that is how easy it becomes when you are in motion.

How often are you going to write?

As often as possible is going to be the most difficult commitment to ever uphold. Rather say you will write 500 words a day. The great Stephen King writes 4000 words a day, everyday, including his birthday, and then you wonder why he has more than sixty best-selling books. There is no substitute for consistency: become consistent and not only will you be a successful author, you will be successful in your relationships and almost every other area in your life.

Who are you going to write for?

When you begin writing, think about a specific person you know that you could tell your story to. The more conversational your style is, the easier it will be for that person to understand. Have this person in mind and tell them the story or give them the facts. Don’t forget to use emotion, as weak stories have facts and strong stories have emotion. Soon you will find that you begin to understand your audience and you can start writing for them.

Don’t have intentions about writing, just write – get into action, as someone is waiting to read the story only you can tell. If you have more questions regarding writing and perhaps publishing please email me at richsimmondsza@gmail.com

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