Say #NoToXenophobia – Be an Active Citizen

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 8.53.16 AMBe the change you want to see … These famous words by Mahatma Ghandi can’t stop echoing in my head. 

We hear about Xenophobia all around us and the reports are terrible, which could cause us to judge, even be filled with fear.
Many of the posts and articles are asking the leaders to react, I agree they should be reacting, and if they were any good they would have stood up already. Remember, before you condemn the leaders ask yourself, ‘do I have the answer?’
What should we actually be doing in a time like this? What should we be doing about Xenophobia?
Now is the time for ‘active citizenship’, yes we often speak about it but we seldom do much.
How can we be active citizens?
  1. Instead of judging (asking questions why and seeing the bad), show empathy for the people carrying out these xenophobic acts, remember hurt people hurt people. It’s only by thinking and, if possible, showing people love that they will change and reconsider what they are doing or intend to do.
  2. Encourage those you meet, remember the spirit of ‘ubuntu’ and ask yourself if you intend to be part of the solution or part of the problem. If you intend to stay neutral you are simply part of the problem. Even if you are encouraging your family you are being part of the solution. It’s time for you to be the leader of your family. Yes, if you reading this, then you are the leader responsible for carrying this message to your family and every person you meet – regardless of your age.
  3. This may seem insignificant, but thinking kind thoughts contribute to the social consciousness making things better.  Turn your thoughts into deeds and loving actions towards your family, and those you meet. Judging will only add to the negativity of the consciousness, so we should be consciously responsible with our thoughts and actions.

This is how we, as active citizens, can say #NoToXenophobia

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