Why the WHY – Vision for your Future

6698208975_2e9d5c8344Why is WHY so important? Surely the how, and the actions we do to get things done, is more productive than thinking about Why we are doing what we are doing? We have all heard it said that actions speak louder than words, and if that is true then what determines the actions you do? Why are you doing what you do?

When you ask ‘Why’ you are doing something, and what drives you to do what you do, then ‘How’ becomes a little insignificant. Life is filled with challenges and objections – these factors will question you, and you will at some stage need to ask yourself ‘Why are you doing what you are doing? What end do you have in mind? Is what you are uniquely doing going to give you what you want?

Two questions arise from that question …

  1. Is what you are currently doing unique?
  2. What is it exactly that you are wanting to accomplish, by doing what you are doing?

Why is it important to be Unique?

Uniqueness might be in the way you approach things. You may be a designer and you know that your ideas are fresh. You may have definite opinions on something, you feel strongly enough about the opinion you have and would really like to share that with the world. To simplify things a little, we don’t all need to be as unique as I have just illustrated, you can, in some instances, find something so simple that will actually be a vehicle that will lead you to the land of your dreams. Simplification is often the greatest sophistication, and this is often why people always take the difficult route, not the path that seems simple, and actually works.

In this day and age, it is possible to be very simple and, at the same time, be rather unique. It’s almost the norm that everyone is looking for a complicated system that no one else could have thought of, and this approach is more often than not disaster. The simple things that we overlook are where our possibilities for true success lies. Why is this so? Well, as the great Henry Ford said, ‘Opportunity often knocks, but it normally looks like work and we avoid it!’ Unfortunately nothing comes without work.

What are we wanting to accomplish?

We all want success and the definition of success is different for all of us, or so we think. For me the real meaning of success is not what I think it is, but rather what my sons and those who love me think success is. What do I mean? I can fool myself thinking that only I live on this world, but those closest to me will always expect me to do something for them – if, when I say I love them, I honestly mean it.

Love is never love until you give it away … Your loved ones never expect your money but they want you to spend time with them. Don’t believe the lie that quality is better than quantity, it never was, and never will be. The only thing that matters is how much time you spend with them – creating experiences and memories that will last indefinitely. Remember this: ‘Quantity is the quality they expect from you’.

So whatever you are trying to accomplish, make sure that it will give you the balance that you need in life. That balance is only attained by taking into consideration the needs of the people you love.

When you have decided WHY you are doing whatever you are doing, then you can decide if the time spent in the pursuit of success is worth it; and will you be able to justify the time spent to your loved ones? I use the term loved ones as opposed to family, as sometimes our family will be our biggest critics – not because they don’t want us to succeed, but rather that they are scared we may succeed and be more successful than they are.

You need to know WHY; when you do, the How becomes the action you do to get to the Why. If you need to discuss this I am willing to listen – I know you can achieve what you set out to do, you may just need a little help along the way.

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2 Responses to Why the WHY – Vision for your Future

  1. kgadime says:

    I’m still struggling with fear of taking action and I started to define my success by attacking things that I fear.


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