Visibility and Ability

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.16.39 AMMany of us have ability and it can probably be said that you have more than enough ability. The real problem is no one knows about you … How can you make yourself more visible, so that you will not only be noticed and that people wanting to connect with you will actually trust your ability?

I use the word trust because it is someone who needs to make a decision about you, and true decisions can only be made with a certain level of trust.

Visibility is often visual, however trust is never built on the visual, but rather an emotional connection made with your ability. Your ability on the other hand is not only about how you are able to do things, but rather on how consistently you can do what you do. Only when you are consistent can people begin to trust you.

So what can you do to be more visible and showcase your ability?

Social Media gives us an amazing opportunity to showcase ourselves. Imagine that someone has just subscribed to your YouTube Channel or Blog. For this example I am going to use the YouTube Channel example. Remember it is called a Channel and not simply a platform. Imagine a paid subscription to a TV Channel, you would definitely expect a constant flow of good programming. If you did not get what you expected you would cancel your subscription. Your YouTube Channel or Blog is no different.

People expect consistency from you. When you fulfill the expectation of your subscribers they begin to tell people about you. There is no magic, consistency builds the trust which forms the relationship.

In fact it can be said that your ability to deliver great content is not as important as the consistency of your delivery. My experience is that the more consistent you are the more visible you become and because of the criticism and feedback you receive your ability actually improves.

It is always amazing how a little action can turn into success. The real advantage for you as a person is that the others do so little, that the consistency you will provide makes your ability look like a ‘rocketship’.

The real challenge is to start, don’t wait for whatever you are waiting for, start with the little that you do have and you will soon see it grow into much more.

Photo credit: stefano principato / Source / CC BY-NC-ND

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4 Responses to Visibility and Ability

  1. Samuel says:

    Love the post, especially the part where u say start small, people are scared to start because they want to write full page posts or be it business, but rather than starting with the one Sentence blog or post. behaviors are matured overtime not acquired over night. so i choose to start how ever small it maybe.

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  2. laiq says:

    that’s great , consistency is the key to succes , go step by step .


  3. Lunga says:

    Indeed consistency is key..people only recognize you when you do one thing repeatedly and also showing improvement in it.effort is important


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