Time is NEUTRAL – YOU will never be.

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 12.25.03 PMThink of the word neutral, besides just being a weak expression of something, you can’t even say it with meaning if you try, basically because it has no meaning. The dictionary meaning is: not aligned with or supporting any side or position. By that definition, if you in any way believe you are neutral, you are nothing, have no opinion and have an exceptionally low self-esteem. The real definition for me is that you have actually been neutered – the dictionary defines that as: having no organs of reproduction; without sex; asexual. Yes, you guessed it, you actually HAVE NO BALLS.

Let me explain this further – life is about choices. You can either choose to grow or stagnate, you can either choose to be kind or let your EGO rule you; if you have no balls don’t worry, your ego has more than sufficient. That however is not your escape path, your ego is programmed to do exactly what it has always done. It fears change more than you do, it hopes you will never make a choice and it has no plan to work with or assist in anything that will truly benefit you into becoming a truly loving and kind person.

Therefore you will need courage to make choices, it’s these choices that begin a transformational process in your life. Let’s look at a few practical choices your ego will challenge every time you try to make a choice.

  1. Your intention is to care, be kind and show love to another person – You ego will challenge you into thinking that you don’t do enough for yourself and therefore why should you do something for others? Yet the ego fails to see that it is only when we do something meaningful for others that we actually do something for ourselves.
  2. You are about to make a choice to forgive and forget about how you may have been wronged. Your ego rises up and tells you that you were never in the wrong and that it is the other party that should ask you for forgiveness, WOW suddenly your ego has found its place and exalted you to the highest position in the universe. They say pride becomes before a fall, if you listen to your ego you may just start a war.
  3. You have decided to act in kindness and release your need to have your opinion, thus listening to the other person and potentially by doing this the other person may even see your point of view. Your ego is screaming No, why should you be the one to do that, YOU are right and you never need to do that. Really?

The most dangerous position in any conflict happens to be what we think is the Neutral position. In this state our ego has said you are too good to engage with the other person and therefore you stay out of the conflict. This is fine when there are others for the person to fight with and a great tactic would be to try to assist the person to notice someone else that they can focus their attention on. However when you are isolated in a conflict situation, staying neutral is a dangerous position. For a little more perspective on this I suggest you watch the following 5 minute video Emotional Intelligence – Behind the bathroom door?

The challenge is always to be KIND rather than RIGHT, your ego will challenge this choice at every chance it gets. Your ego does not make you a bad person, but allowing your ego to force you into a neutral state will often cause you to be judged as a weak person.

I trust that this message will help you make better choices and transform you into the leader that you were intended to be.

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