UnLearn and ReDesign

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.19.36 PMIf action is needed to accomplish everything we do, then we need to ask if our actions are effective enough for us to achieve what we would like to achieve. More often than not our actions will only be enough to survive or maintain the status quo. Simply moving or doing something is no indication or guarantee that we will accomplish anything. We always need to do the right thing and that is exactly why top athletes and professionals have coaches that assist them in doing the right actions that will turn into success.

The actions I am referring to are different from what we have been taught. If the actions are what we have learnt already, then it must be argued that you should have been successful already. Often we need to do things differently to achieve different results.

We need to UnLearn all the concepts and processes that no longer serve us and ReDesign new actions so that we can be different and begin to expect different results.

Once we have redesigned then we need to put consistent actions in place that will ensure that we will achieve the results we are expecting. Unfortunately most people never do enough and because ‘it has never been done before’ they don’t believe it will work. They hear too many opinions, so instead of sticking to the new actions long enough they usually miss the results – this is exactly why without unlearning the redesign never works.

The challenge is to always change and look for new ways of UnLearning and ReDesigning. I would welcome your comments, let me know how you have tackled the challenge, perhaps I can even do an article on your experience.

Photo credit: giulia.forsythe / Source / CC BY-NC-SA

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3 Responses to UnLearn and ReDesign

  1. Motsau says:

    Hi.im curious to know what particualry inspired you to wite this piece and how did you come up with these concepts?


    • RichSimmondsZA says:

      I apologize for the late reply, but I have been away in Africa with limited connection.

      I am involved in training and development, I design learning program’s and interventions. These concepts are extremely old, perhaps my viewpoint has given new light on an old concept. My approach is disruptive, so it is designed to get attention and facilitate thinking and hopefully some learning can take place.

      Thanks again for your comment.


  2. Usman narejo says:

    ….action is not enough without change in mindset which again is not enough without change in our values, which is not enough without change in culture and history! Too much clutter there in our brain which does not field to our frantic cleaning effort!


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