What TRUTH can mean for US

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We have brains and we use the power of our brains to think. We have emotions and we use them to align ourselves with people around us, this gives us a sense that we are feeling the emotions of others. We have needs and these needs are expressed as desires. We have beliefs and this often dictates how we communicate with other people.

Thinking, Feeling, Desiring and Believing are prejudices we have actually learnt or which have been handed down from our parents or the society we live in. I say they are prejudices if we have never decided for ourselves if it is authentically us that is ‘thinking, feeling, desiring or believing’ if we do it because that is how it has always been done. It’s the way our society or culture has always ‘thought, felt, desired or believed’ and I accept that but unless you have asks yourself ‘is it truly what I believe’ you could have a prejudice in the way you are thinking or feeling, or what you are desiring and in what you believe.

Is it your truth and is it really important what you are thinking, feeling, desiring and believing?

For me this is very important, but you will need to ask yourself the question and then determine what is your truth. It is also important to remember I am talking about our truth, the truth applicable to you and that will always be skewed in one way or another, but that is what makes us the unique individual we are. Absolute truth is not what I am referring to and none of us are in charge of absolute truth and thankfully so. Here are my views:

  • Thinking – I try to think about, what I think about, when I think. I am never sure if my thoughts are my own until I have tested the thoughts by asking if my thoughts would in any way hurt others around me should these thoughts become actions and words. Thinking for me clarifies my intentions and ultimately by keeping my thought process in a reasonable order, I simplify my life. When I can think in this way my thinking becomes a truth for me.
  • Feeling – When I am tempted to judge others for being different, I ask where do these feelings come from? Is my ego trying to prove that I am better than somebody else, trying to fool me into feeling I am superior to others. Where did this come from, where did I learn this and how am I going to unlearn these feelings? This is when I begin to discover my own feelings – my own truth.
  • Desiring – What do I really need and why should I feel entitled to something? Do I become a better person when I have money or do I desire to do something with the gifts I have been blessed with. Is the saying ‘money is not everything, it’s the only thing’ cause me to think about others or myself. This is how I ask myself and determine what my real truth is.
  • Believing –  If something has always been so and if it is the conventional belief of my parents, the society that I live in or even my loved ones, is that what I believe to be the truth? Is it my truth? If a true test came how would I really react or what would my authentic truth be?

Those are a few of my thoughts, I encourage you to comment and share yours. Please disagree with me if you need to – remember it is only through dialogue and criticism that we learn and understand. Have a great day.

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