What Leadership means …

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 4.47.51 PMWe hear the term Leadership virtually everyday of our lives. Sometimes the term Leadership is used more as jargon to confuse, rather than to inspire us to be better leaders. Yes, I use the term US because we are all leaders in one way or the other.

What then is Leadership exactly?

Leadership is serving others and if we are unable to serve others, it should then be said that we are unable to serve ourselves and therefore, we are unable to lead ourselves. Therefore we are basically directionless and lack hope. When we are able to see a future for ourselves, we are able to hope and achieve the dreams that we have for our lives.

When we have hope and dreams for our own lives, we are able to serve others by helping them see hope for the future and this is often what is referred to as Vision. It is the duty of the leader (all of us) to share the hope with the people we meet. In fact leaders normally fail when they fail to share the vision (this hope for the future) with the people who they have meaningful contact with (followers).

What is the DUTY of the Leader?

The duty of the leader is to share the vision with the people.

What is the JOB of the Leader?

Although this sounds similar to the duty, the job which implies more action is actually to make more leaders. Therefore, through serving the people, you are actually sharing hope and inspiring others to do the same. Leadership, like most things in life, is relatively simple.

Why is everyone not becoming a true Leader?

The answer is relatively simple and complex at the same time. It is all about attitude and circumstances. To be a person who has hope and can communicate this hope to others we need an attitude that is independent of our circumstances. As leaders we are the messengers of hope (the vision) and it is only when we are able to align our attitude to the hope that our circumstances fade away. To be successful we need to have an attitude independent of circumstances.

The leader understands that each part of the journey is vital for the future success and tackles every task with excellence so that once a milestone is done, it’s done. Leaders understand and communicate that they understand that there are no shortcuts to success and know that trying to eliminate a lesson from the process will only delay the result in the end – this too is part of the hope and vision that a true leader communicates.

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