Circumstances … What are they?

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 3.06.21 PMOur lives are challenged by what we call circumstances. This could be interpreted that our lives are either going good or bad depending on the circumstances, unfortunately this is the incorrect way of understanding circumstances – because circumstances are actually neutral.

You are probably thinking but how can circumstances be neutral, because they seem to affect us in either a positive or negative way. If this is your way of thinking, I would like to change your victim mentality. These so called circumstances or happenings come as challenges and it is our outlook and the way we handle these situations that either cause us to fail (negative circumstances) or allow us to have victory (the positive viewpoint).

Therefore life is not about circumstances, these challenges are neutral, how we handle the challenge will determine if the outcome is either positive or negative for us. Remember that even the failure or the negative will assist us in the next victory if we choose to learn from the challenge. If we fail to learn we will not be failing forward and we will not be advancing, so the challenge is to keep moving forward and know that you are moving forward, regardless of how slowly this progress may seem. The essence is as long as we are moving forward.

How long will the circumstances last?

Everything is relative … If you were running a marathon, you may find that you will need to endure the pain until you have finished the 42 kilometres that it takes to finish the marathon, if you are unable to endure the pain, you may need to deal with the pain of not finishing, but at some point the challenge will come to an end.

In the game of life we need to endure the challenges until we can personally say we have the victory. Our dreams and goals are different, the challenges will be different from the challenges others are faced with and we need to develop a resilience. This resilience that I am referring to here is what many call an ‘attitude independent of circumstance’.

What is an Attitude Independant of Circumstance?

Simply it is an agreement that you make with yourself where YOU choose to be who you have decided to be regardless of any challenge that may come your way. You see yourself as victorious, successful and courageous no matter what challenges will come your way. In other words nothing will change the hope that is within you, you have focused on your dreams and you know your goals will get you to where you want to go. When you make a decision like this you truly have an ‘attitude independent of circumstance’ – you will know that you have mastered self-leadership and that others will see you as a true leader. Will you choose to have an Attitude Independant of Circumstance?

Photo credit: Celestine Chua / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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3 Responses to Circumstances … What are they?

  1. Nathaniel Makgareetja says:

    Best one I’ve ever read. Boosts my confidence in the journey I’m about to embark on.

    Thank you


    • RichSimmondsZA says:

      Thank you Nathaniel I appreciate your feedback, all the best with the journey you are about to embark on. Rich


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