I am skilled and passionate – will I get paid?

8066566829_c41da4a0b6_bWe all have skills and we can be passionate about what we can do with these skills, however the real question is often ‘Will we be able to make money from this combination of skills and passion?’

I often like to use the analogy of professional sports when answering this question. Let’s take the sport of Golf as an example. Many people who play Golf have a good handicap but they are not professional golfers, do they have the skill to be professionals? Yes they certainly have the skill to be a professional golfer but they may lack the passion to become a professional golfer.

Skill unfortunately is not enough, we need the passion for what we do and what we want to accomplish. It is this passion that drives our willingness the be better and practice more, it’s only once we can say we have done the work and that we know our work rate is higher than our competitors that we have a chance at being better than them. Doing only what our competitors are doing makes us normal, we will never stand out and it can be argued that we will never really earn what we think we are worth.

So before we ask the question ‘Will we get paid?’ We should rather ask ourselves the question ‘What is the reason someone would pay us and what have we done that is different and makes us outstanding?’ Life rewards and notices outstanding and is often prepared to pay for outstanding … If you wan’t to be paid, you may just need to be outstanding at your sport or your skill whether that be as a leader, a member of an orchestra or any opportunity where you think there may be money to be earned.

Photo credit: Javier Corbo / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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2 Responses to I am skilled and passionate – will I get paid?

  1. I believe the thing is not about receiving payment for being skilled and passionate. If you want to get paid, you need to think in reverse.

    Imagine that you are a multi billionaire, one day someone approaches you and asks: “I am skilled and passionate, would you pay to me?”, what will be your answer?

    It depends, right? Because those are not the factors that ensures you get paid. You need to know if this person is worth for you to pay, usually you think if this person can give you something back, either physically or emotionally.

    So, back to the topic, if you want to get paid, you should ask yourself if you really worth to be paid.

    (And sorry for my english, I just want to give my two cents).


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