Develop yourself to develop more Leaders.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 9.07.29 PMLeadership development is a great need all over the world. Unfortunately the reality of many leadership development systems are actually just management theory that has been repackaged. Whilst leadership and management theory may be of some benefit, the price is usually unjustifiable and especially for the smaller businesses and entrepreneurs. Does this effectively mean that only big business and government develop leaders as they can afford the money?

Well if this was the case then there would be no lack of leaders, as the world spends billions of dollars on Leadership Development annually. Yet we see no leaders, no good leadership principals and a general trust deficit between followers and the so called leaders.

What is the solution for Leadership Development?

YOU, yes you and me are the solution – that is if we me are interested in developing ourselves, then the potential for more leaders to emerge has just become exponential. For definitions I suggest you read my article What Leadership Means. Yes we need an attitude independent of circumstances, when our actions show this to be true, others will always want what you have and follow you. People are looking for authentic and having the attitude above circumstances allows you to keep yourself focused on the goal, living a life free of excuses.

What makes an ‘Attitude Independent of Circumstances’ so special?

Making this choice and then living this choice, you have removed self doubt from your life and as you start having victories you will realise that everyone is unique. See people for who they are and not who you think they should be. This will have a positive influence on your attitude, as you will firstly know what you have and can accomplish. Secondly you will not be intimidated by the strengths and skills of others, because you have accepted them as being unique. Becoming insecure and intimidated by the strengths of others is one of the major downfalls of conventional leaders.

I am suggesting you be you, when we are able to be ourselves – we become secure in ourselves and this is true self leadership. Mastering self leadership will make us better leaders and in-turn we will have an amazing effect in helping others gain an ‘Attitude Independent of Circumstances’.

I look forward to seeing you on the journey to helping others become leaders.

Photo credit: IamNotUnique / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

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