Are our questions CREATIVE enough?

If we would like to advance our thinking, we need to become far more creative. Many of us accept the fact that the world has changed. Have we ever thought if we have adjusted the way we think and the questions are we should ask in our changing world?

One of the big problems is the education system, as our schooling system was never designed for the thinking workforce. It was originally designed to create perfect factory workers and consumers. Basically, the system required you to leave your brain at the factory door and come in with your hands and work hard. The harder you worked the more you would get paid, or so you were told or believed. Earning good money would give you the things that you were taught to desire at school – you get the picture.

The problem is that many of us no longer work in the factory and we are paid to think and not work with our hands. But what are we supposed to think about, when we think? If our thinking is the same as everyone else and we think the way we have been trained to think – then the question must be asked – how effective is our thinking? Could this thinking be changed by asking more creative questions?

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 7.43.16 AMHave a look at the above picture, what do you see?

Now imagine if your young child or grandchild (probably around the age of 4) comes to you and asks … ‘What is this?’

What would your answer be? Would you have said ‘it’s a brush or a make up brush’? If so, would that have been the right answer? You may be saying ‘yes of course’ and I need to ask you one question then – ‘did you take into account the child’s point of view?’ You may be saying ‘no, why? They simply asked me a question and I answered it.’ Of course that may be the factual answer but it may not be the correct answer and probably not the kindest answer. If that was your response then you have just made the child wrong. As children hearing that we are wrong takes away our creativity and we start moving towards the ‘conformity of mediocrity’.

What should be done? All we need to do is ask ‘what do you think it is? The child will then give you their perspective – they may say it is a lollipop, an ice cream or a tree – as this is how a child would draw a tree; thin at the bottom and it gets puffy at the top. At this point all you need to do is say ‘yes I can see why you call it a tree or whatever they have suggested, your Mom calls it a make-up brush. With this simple answer you have taken into account the child’s point of view, given up your need to be right and allowed the child to walk away with a possibility they are right.

That is a simple way of asking better questions and allowing our children to grow up and be more creative – effectively changing the world and the thinking in it.

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